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Pamela (pomelo): the useful fruit

Exotic citrus called "Pamela" appeared in our country recently, but quickly gained popularity and love. This relative of our usual oranges, tangerines and lemons. Beneficial effects of culture on the human body make up the whole legend. What actually is a citrus, what are the benefits and harms of Pamela? Let's investigate.

Pamela - a description of where and how to grow fruit

Exotic fruit called "witch's broom" or "Pamela", or "sheddog" refers to the family of citrus fruits. This round fruit yellow-green color, and a fairly large: it can weigh 2-3 kg, but meets and pomelo weight of 10 kg.

Culture is a large tree (can reach 10 meters in height). Plant blooms large white flowers, ripening from August to November.

The birthplace of the culture of the island is the Pacific Ocean and China. In Europe, brought pomelo English navigator Sheddok, after which, in some countries, stuck the name of the fruit. In China, the plant is very popular, pomelo presented as a gift for the New Year, the culture is a symbol of prosperity and good luck.

Pamela looks fruit looks like a grapefruit, only larger.

There are different varieties of this culture. Depending on the kind of fruit different shape and color. They can be round, flattened, pear-shaped. Inside is a citrus yellow, green, white and pink. Pamela fruit taste resembles an orange.

Important! The greatest value are the unripe fruit. They are recommended to use only ripped off.

Now the plant is cultivated on an industrial scale in many countries and regions.

Chemical composition and caloric content

Citrus low calorie. This explains its popularity in weight loss diets. 100 g of product contains only 35 kcal. But its nutritional properties culture is very valuable. Only 300-400 grams of fragrant and tasty flesh can satisfy man, without any additional dishes.

Citrus contains a large amount of calcium and potassium, sodium and phosphorus, and iron. Present in it valuable vitamins, as well as A and C.

Pamela benefits for the human body

Such exotic fruit of the citrus family beneficially affects the human body. The benefits of its truly awesome.

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As part of the delicious foods have a lot of vitamins, essential oils and trace elements, which have a positive impact on human health:

  • A huge amount of vitamin C helps to quickly and effectively deal with any cold.
  • The presence of vitamin A and antioxidants help to prevent the division of cancer cells, stop the growth of tumor diseases.
  • Micronutrients prevent aging of the organism.
  • The enzymes cleave the perfect fat and protein than hinder obesity and stimulate digestion.

The benefits of a culture can be found in the video:

Important! The most valuable part of the citrus - streaks. Although they have a little bitter taste, but they can not be thrown away. It streaks effectively cleanse the intestines.

Citrus with regular use of a beneficial effect on heart and blood vessels.

Culture increases physical activity, performance and endurance. Therefore especially popular also in athletes.

Fruit increases hemoglobin and is a natural antibiotic.

Particular attention is paid to the benefits and harms of diabetes culture. Pomelo lowers blood sugar levels, so it is recommended to use in diabetes. Potential harmful if this is only a possible allergic reactions.

Citrus improves vision and reduces blood pressure.

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