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Corn Sticks: useful properties and contraindications

Corn sticks - simple, inexpensive and tasty treat that is loved not only children but also adults. What are the benefits and harms of corn sticks, from which they are made, and how to prepare them at home?

How to make corn flakes

Production is quite simple - this is evidenced by even the low cost of the product. All that is needed - this is a special equipment and ingredients: corn grits, salt, powdered sugar and refined vegetable oil. Production includes the following sequence:

  • The first stage is placed in the rump industrial machine called an extruder, inside which creates a high pressure and temperature is not lower than 150 ° C. In such circumstances, the automatic kneading semolina turns into a viscous dough.
Thereafter, the resulting homogeneous mass is discharged from the extruder through the holes in small portions, i.e. form a preform.
Thereafter, the resulting homogeneous mass is discharged from the extruder through the holes in small portions, i.e. form a preform.
  • Since the preform after extrusion are still wet, they were placed in a special drying drum with two compartments. In the first - the dough evaporated water is sprayed onto the preform preheated salt and vegetable oil.
  • In the last step the dried oil and sprinkled preform sent in the second compartment of the drum to roll them in powdered sugar. As the oil is still warm, powder adheres well to the surface of the rods.

In this process ends - the product is ready.

Calorie content and composition

Average delicacy consists of only four ingredients: crushed maize cereals, oil, salt and powdered sugar. Thus sticks have high calorie - 325 calories per 100 g of product.

But nutritional benefits of their low. Carbohydrates occupy the bulk of - 75 g, proteins are second - 8.3 g, and less total fat in the product - 1.2 g

Sheer corn grits - a valuable product but made therefrom sticks have poor vitamin and mineral composition. During the heat treatment most of the mineral elements are destroyed. Take into account the costs are only a few of them, namely:

  • Vitamin B2;
  • sodium;
  • magnesium;
  • manganese;
  • copper.

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The overall proportion of the other elements, even if they are declared in the composition is too small.

Important! The shops found not only a classic delicacy, but sticks with additives such as cocoa, cheese and bacon. Therefore, caloric and exact composition may vary.

The use of corn sticks

The product can not be called meaningless delicacy, and although the vitamins it contains little, it is still useful. Advantages are as follows:

  • 100 g of goodies contains half the daily requirement of vitamin B2, and this - the benefits for hair and skin, nervous system, immune system, vision and thyroid.
  • Sticks - a rich source of simple carbohydrates, which not only make up the physical strength, but uplifting and cheerful.
  • Because of its calorie sticks are very useful in situations where you need to quickly satisfy hunger.

At what age can give children corn sticks

Special love for corn sticks, like any treats, feed the children. But is not there age restrictions?

Doctors and nutritionists do not recommend to add baby corn sticks to the diet, until he is 1,5 - 2 years. Since only part of the meal, the benefit is not from them, but a stomach disorder in infants may occur.

Older children and adolescents corn sticks are allowed, but gradually, so as not to spoil the healthy appetite.

Tip! Before giving a treat to children should look at the composition, and the less it dyes, flavorings and flavor enhancers, the better.

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