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Than helpful Turkish delight, how to cook at home

Turkish delight - a sweet, has a wide range of fans. Its popularity since ancient times only increased. Previously, benefits and harms Turkish Delight caused a lot of questions, but now we know much more about this delicacy, because it is a real favorite among the desserts.

What makes Turkish delight

Turkish delight - a popular sweet in the East, which previously, according to legend, created exclusively for the Sultan in the 18th century in Istanbul. A method for the preparation of Turkish Delight has remained unchanged to this day. Dessert must necessarily consist of such components as sugar, molasses, starch and various additives, as which may be chocolate, fruit, candied fruit, nuts. To pieces of goodies do not stick together, you should use powdered sugar or coconut.

Traditionally, the preparation of Turkish Delight takes more than two days. Now with the new technology it is possible to facilitate, but the complexity and duration of the process is not excluded. Wanting to cook Turkish Delight yourself at home, you need to arm themselves with the step by step recipe.

The chemical composition of Turkish Delight

Composition Turkish delight depends on the ingredients contained therein: nuts, fruits, chocolate.

The presence of huge amounts of vitamin and mineral content extends the range of useful product impact on the body and almost completely eliminates the damage.

How many calories in a Turkish delight

Nutritionists do not recommend to abuse this delicacy to avoid the formation of excess weight due to increased caloric index and a large amount of carbohydrates. Use Turkish delight is manifested only in the case of receiving a moderate sweetness.

Eating dessert within acceptable limits will not cause significant harm to the body, and, on the contrary, it will show all of their useful properties, will provide energy and eliminate the headaches caused by stress.

Useful properties of Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight, benefit and harm to the body which are priceless, a variety of different therapeutic properties due to the rich content of natural vitamin-mineral complex. When sweets regular use, you can enjoy all of its beneficial properties, as Turkish Delight is able to:

  • strengthen the immune system;
  • rid the body of toxins;
  • normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • a positive impact on brain activity;
  • to accelerate the release of endorphins in the blood;
  • eliminate the inflammation during a cold and relieve pain;
  • improve psycho-emotional state;
  • activate the enzymatic reactions of the digestive system.

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It is important to eat a dessert made from natural ingredients, free of food additives and dyes to make the most of the sweets.

More information about the benefits and harms of the eastern delicacies:

Is it possible to Turkish Delight during pregnancy and breastfeeding

The use of Turkish delight for women in the state is its ability to overcome depression and boost the immune system, but also to provoke rapid weight gain. If this is undesirable, it is necessary to immediately remove this product from the diet or eat only three pieces.

During lactation the product may cause allergies in the child, so you need to choose the sweetness with less hazardous additives. During pregnancy and breastfeeding do not need to eat Turkish Delight if it contains additives and bright citrus colors.

Turkish delight children

Sweetness, made from natural ingredients, without colorings and additives, the child will only benefit. But it is recommended not to give babies up to a year because of the large amounts of carbohydrates and allergic components.

The product is excellent effect on brain activity student, help to eliminate both mental and physical fatigue after a busy day. He is due to its beneficial properties are well suited with reduced mobility Child, saturate his body with all the necessary components to impart vitality and activity.

Important! Especially useful for those who are preparing for exams, for the improvement of memory and ability to concentrate.

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