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Do melamine sponge harmful properties and instructions for use

On the market are constantly emerging innovative tools for the home and family. One of these products was the melamine sponge, which is due to its beneficial properties, managed to quickly gain acceptance and popularity among housewives. It immediately eliminates even the most serious pollution, which are not able to cope other detergents. This article will discuss the benefits and harm melamine sponge, instructions and useful tips on using it.

What is melamine sponge, and what it is made

The composition of the melamine sponges as simple as possible. Its structure is formed of crystals that are almost insoluble in water and have no color. The crystals are produced in the laboratory. To this hot melamine resin is foamed to form an air porous material which takes the form of a grid visually. Despite the fact that the mesh fibers are flexible and elastic, they remain firm and solid, have sharp edges, and on the tips of microvilli on the branch. These properties provide the convenience and practicality in use, and simultaneously protects the fibers from strain and wear fast during use.

The operating principle of melamine sponge

Due to its unusual structure and properties, different from other sponge melamine sponge, this is not simply absorb and wash away pollution, and has a pronounced abrasive characteristics. This sponge is first macerates dirt and stains, and then carefully scrape them without damaging the surface (furniture, flooring, tile, etc.) and then absorbs fluid removal. Thanks to this technology for the removal of stains, melamine sponge does not leave stains, as well as effectively removes even persistent, stuffy pollution further without using household chemistry.

Scope melamine sponge

Melamine sponge application options in the household a lot, because it is useful for the purification of almost all kinds of surfaces. Without damaging the things it can be used for the following materials:

  • metal;
  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • ceramics;
  • rubber;
  • enamel.

To start cleaning, just enough to moisten a washcloth under running water (aggressive chemicals use is not necessary, since their properties, they can be harmful to the material), and wipe the case with pollution. Melamine miracle sponge is ideal for:

  • Living rooms and bedrooms. With the help of easy to remove stains from ink, pens, felt-tip pens, markers and paints. Therefore, it is a useful companion for new parents or those who prefer to keep their office - workspace - in absolute order. Use a sponge as possible to the floor, ceiling and walls, on the mirrors, windows and all kinds of furniture. it is also ideal for general cleaning when there is a need for washing windows without streaks and white spots.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms. These spaces - the main area of ​​application of melamine sponges, since that is where most often occur contamination, spilled liquids and require regular cleaning. They do an excellent job with the removal of grease and grime so it is recommended to wash the ovens, stoves, refrigerators, range hoods and kitchen surfaces.
  • Offices. Due to the large flow of people who regularly visit the offices, on floorings constantly remain dark stripes on the shoes. Ordinary cloth to wash them is possible, but it is difficult and time consuming. But melamine sponge as eraser, copes with such contaminants from the first passage. Moreover, it perfectly removes grime and stains, so it will be useful for tables, chairs, shelves and office equipment.
  • Clothing, footwear and textiles and furniture from natural materials. Their scope is wide. They are ideal for cleaning coats, jackets, bags, shoes, furniture, leather and leatherette. Also they can be used to fix the vehicle.

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However, there is a surface, which is not recommended for use melamine sponge. They are varnished and glossy coating, Teflon and acrylic. If the other options do not have to clean, you can perform the test and hold a wet washcloth on a small portion of the furniture, imperceptible to the eye. If the sponge does not leave any damage, you can start cleaning the main surface area.

Important! Melamine sponge for cleaning that requires no additional chemicals. With all the pollution it can handle on their own.

Household chemicals, in which the composition is chlorine, because of its properties can lead to unexpected reactions and cause skin burn or damage to the surface.

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