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As kill odor bow mouth

The problem of how to quickly remove the smell of onion breath, at least once in their lives experienced almost everything. This not only gives the other party the discomfort, but also affects the psychological condition of the person who made the unfortunate mistake - used a dish with onions just before an important meeting. There is nervousness, withdrawal, attention is scattered. Business meetings or romantic date in such a situation threatens to turn into a disaster.

That is why many people prefer to entirely remove the onions from the diet, but to do it not necessarily. There are many ways to reduce or completely remove the bad smell in the mouth for a few minutes.

Why from the bow appears halitosis

Unpleasant smell of onion is a result of separation of sulfur compounds from a plant cell - allicin. Chewiness onion fiber material is brought into contact with the bacteria of the oral cavity, and serves as a cause of the characteristic odor. Furthermore, allicin it gets not only the stomach, but also absorbed into the bloodstream. This leads to the fact that the person subsequently exhales substance through the mouth while talking.

Important! Exacerbate the situation may have accumulated in the oral cavity bacteria. The highest concentration falls on the language - you can find out on white or yellowish coating. Also, bacteria can accumulate between the teeth.

How to get rid of the smell of onions in the mouth

In order to knock onion smell from the mouth, using means belonging to one of the following groups:

  • Products with saturated but pleasant aroma;
  • natural or artificial antiseptics kill bacteria in the mouth;
  • products that accelerate the oxidation processes - it allows you to quickly withdraw from blood residues onion sulfur compounds that are the source of odors.

In addition, there are some general guidelines that can reduce the negative impact on a person's breath bow before product consumption:

  • a dish which is applied before an important meeting, onion cut as finely as possible - so a large proportion of allicin erode with cut before the fall in the human body;
  • on a festive feast dishes with onions are best eaten the first - so it is likely that following him drinks and dessert will kill the peculiar smell of onions;
  • during cooking bow can be scalded with boiling water - heat treatment destroys a significant portion of sulfur compounds.

Tip! In order to breath stink ceased, should first clean the oral cavity from accumulated therein bacteria and food residues. For this purpose is not only a toothbrush, but also dental floss or a scraper.

As neutralize the onion smell mouth parsley

Parsley - one of the most popular and affordable means to remove the onion smell from the mouth quickly. It is sufficient to chew 2-3 grains or sprig parsley immediately after a meal pre-rinsing the mouth with warm boiled water. This method is the fact that the plant is not only destroys the oral bacteria, but also has a strengthening effect on the gums and teeth.

Important! In order to remove the unpleasant odor of onions, parsley leaves can not be eaten nothing drink about 15-20 minutes.

How to eliminate the smell from the mouth bow charcoal

Activated carbon is available in virtually every home, so the tool is also among the most popular methods used to remove unpleasant odors. It will take no more than 2-3 tablets in order to remove the flavor of onions. They do not wash down, and chewed in the mouth until completely dissolved. It takes an average of 5 to 8 minutes.

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The disadvantage of this method is distinct black patches on the tongue and teeth. Remove it helps thoroughly rinse with water with lemon.

As knock onion flavor mouth vegetable oil with salt

The vegetable oil to remove onion odor, are used alone or in combination with other substances. The origin of special significance of oil is not fit any: olive, sunflower, soybean, corn, etc...

Firstly, oil can be added to salads, which include bow. So, to significantly reduce the probability of occurrence of the very unpleasant odors from the mouth.

Secondly, the oil in an amount of 2 Art. l. It can be mixed with 1 hour. l. salt. The resulting mixture was used in quality after rinsing dishes seasoned onions.

How to remove onion flavor tea mouth

Effectively remove halitosis teas based on various herbs and spices. In particularly well in this regard tea fennel and coriander. Among other things, it helps to improve metabolism and neutralize fermentation processes intestine, which often perform secondary reason why formed in the oral cavity unpleasant smell.

Prepare a tea simple: placed in the cup 3 h. l. fennel seeds and the same amount of coriander seeds, fill them with boiling water and infused for 15 minutes. When the tea has cooled slightly, his drink in small sips after meals.

Remove onion flavor of the oral cavity can also use the hips of tea (for this purpose, dry fruits) or ordinary green tea diluted milk.

Tip! In extreme cases, suitable and black tea but mouth stops to smell after a cup of the beverage quality. Moreover, such tea must be strong.

How to quickly remove the onion smell from the mouth strong drink

Spirits themselves have quite an intense aroma, and therefore able to drown out the smell of onions without difficulty. For these purposes, the best fit fine drinks: brandy, liquor, wine, taken in a volume of 1 h. l. It can be used, including vodka. After rinsing agent spit or swallows.

Important! Beer to remove the smell of onion in your mouth, will not work. also useless in this regard, various alcoholic mash.

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