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How to withdraw from the apartment of fleas

Withdraw from fleas at home is not as easy as it might seem. Indeed, they appear suddenly, even in those apartments where there are no pets. There are plenty of ways that you can expel parasites quickly and permanently.

Methods for removing fleas from home

Print the home of fleas in the house can be a variety of means, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Traditional methods of pest control are the most suitable and safe. Among their advantages, we note the following:

  • no toxic effects on humans and animals. Salt, soda, and other folk remedies are safe for health. The only point that should be considered: herbs and aromatic oils used for processing may cause allergic reactions;
  • Availability: most of the means available in each apartment;
  • low cost.

The disadvantages of such funds are:

  • the need for repeated application;
  • the complexity of processing.

Chemical drugs are more effective, but less secure. Before applying them to take care of the household's health, preservation of vegetation, as well as the safety of those present in the house pets.

To achieve the desired effect will exercise a few rules:

  • selected are processed not only all of the surfaces in the apartment, but also the gap between the skirting, the depression in the furniture, cleaning the kitchen, the space under the bath and washing machine;
  • if the apartment live animals, their beds are also to be treated against fleas and pets themselves, if possible, wash with special shampoo;
  • it is desirable to conduct the processing in neighboring apartments. The fact that insects can enter the home from an adjacent room, so to poison them only on its territory may not be effective.

The use of any tools that can bring fleas out of the apartment, and includes a series of the following activities:

  • Vacuum processing facilities. This is necessary not only to remove the remnants of the poison, but also to eliminate insect eggs, on which no one drug does not work;
  • A thorough airing. So that air does not remain even particles of toxic agents, you must ventilate the room;
  • Wet cleaning. Once the apartment will be ventilated, it is possible to proceed to washing the treated surfaces with disinfectants.

As output fleas folk remedies

If the apartment fleas infest, it does not speak about the bad sanitary conditions: insects can occur in an apartment where there is cleanliness. Therefore, the hostess, faced with a problem, looking not only how to resolve it, but also methods of prevention.

Among the numerous agents that can bring fleas most popular national methods.

Important! Before you start fighting with insects, should carry out a thorough cleaning of premises and homes to eliminate foods with open spaces.

How quickly bring fleas out of salt at home

Withdraw from the apartment of fleas can be salt. For this purpose it is necessary to take the salt fines. It scatter all along the baseboards, on carpets and in areas such as bathroom and toilet.

Salt, leave for a few days and then thoroughly vacuum the floors. Salt particles enter the respiratory tract parasite, from which they die. The advantage of the method is its relative performance, which, however, does not apply to deferred insect eggs.

How to bring fleas in a flat soda

Soda is used in the same way as the salt. pets (if any) this dry material can be treated with furniture and a place where sleep. Fleas inhaling fine particles of soda, lose the ability to breathe and die. Clean powder needs only after 3 - 5 days: this time will be sufficient to ensure that all insects have tried "goodies".

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A great alternative to soda will semolina, which is getting into the interior of the parasite begins to swell. During this process, the internal organs of the insect are broken, and there is his death.

Attention! To enhance the effect can be mixed in equal proportion of salt and soda.

Independently bring fleas out of the apartment citrus zest

Print the fleas out of the apartment will peel of citrus fruits, especially lemon peel are effective. If desired, it is possible not only to spread the flat pieces of zest, but also to prepare a special broth.

  • Lemon finely chopped.
  • Boil 2 tbsp. water and fill to citrus.
  • Boil for about 5 minutes and allow to settle.
  • The resulting mixture sprinkle all the places where they can accumulate fleas (skirting boards, carpets, cracks in the floors, furniture and so on.).

Attention! If you have to lay out the pieces of citrus, must be timely to change them for fresh or disposed of.

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