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Power shower: the benefits and harms for weight loss, health

Power shower - massage treatments, invented more than a hundred years ago. Named for its creator, Jean-Martin Charcot - neurologist and psychiatrist, member of the Paris Academy of Sciences. In our time, it is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. So what are the benefits and harms of the soul of Charcot? Will be answered in this article.

The history of occurrence

Jean-Martin Charcot was a renowned expert in the study of a number of mental disorders, such as hysteria. He devoted most of his life. One of the most useful discoveries, scientists believed spa procedure - a contrast shower, named in his honor and has healing properties.

Initially, this shower was applied to patients with depression and nervous exhaustion in order to bring them out of these disease states. However, over time revealed and additional useful properties, such as improved sleep, normalization of pressure, deliverance from muscle cramps, decrease body fat, weight loss, improved blood flow and, as a consequence, increase elasticity skin.

Operating principle

The method is based on the useful (but if misused detrimental) effect on the patient's two water jets of different intensity and temperature.

The procedure is done in a cool environment where the temperature is not higher than 16 degrees. At the optimum heating efficiency room massage from the soul the most fruitful effect on the body.

By one wall attached to handrails, which can be grasped for stability. Patients taking a useful shower in a swimsuit or swimming trunks standing against the wall, holding on to them.

The classic version of useful soul consists of two stages:

  • Preparatory. In the patient fed fan jet of low intensity, which humidify the whole body without being fixed to any particular points. Water comfort temperature (36 to 42 degrees). Step lasts about two minutes.
  • Main. In one hose temperature decreases, reaching 20 degrees, and the pressure increases. Streams of contrasting temperature specialist massages the patient's body, starting from the back, passing on the stomach, hips, and finally hip. Problem areas special attention is paid to achieve the greatest benefits.

Important! there are binding limits for the soul. For example, the stream can not be sent to the head, spine and sexual organs. Women should also exclude the chest. This can cause irreparable harm, not bring the desired benefits.

Helpful souls take 5 to 15 minutes. The duration gradually increases from session to session as well as the pressure and temperature difference. The first session is always more forgiving (otherwise would have increased the harmful effect), as well as getting used to increase the useful properties.

Benefits Sharko shower

Therapeutic benefit is difficult to overestimate the soul. It has on the body and effective multilateral action.

  • The change of temperature tends to periodically narrow and dilate blood vessels, whereby the walls are elastic, improves blood circulation process.
  • Application useful shower enhances blood flow to internal organs - cells and tissues saturated with oxygen more actively. This in turn has the benefit of effect on the heart.
  • Under the action of strong water pressure is enhanced lymphatic fluid outflow, and with it go toxins and wastes.
  • Use of hardens the soul, enhances useful antiviral properties of the organism.
  • Shower has a useful tonic effect and strengthens muscle tissue. It is an effective remedy for muscle atrophy.
  • Normalized such a property of the nervous system, such as its activity. Improving overall emotional mood. Disappears fatigue, sleep is improved.
  • Useful accelerated tissue regeneration, fade stretch marks and cellulite.

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