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How to remove the smell from the sink in the kitchen

With the need to eliminate the smell from the sink in the kitchen, sooner or later can face any hostess, even the cleanliness. No matter how carefully take care of the sink, it could still become clogged or leak, resulting in the kitchen unpleasant smell. You try to correct the problem can be in such a situation by yourself or call a plumber, and as soon as possible - presence in the air of methane, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide are the cause of odor, adversely affects the health of person. These elements cause a feeling of anxiety, fear, and even provoke fainting.

Why there is an unpleasant smell from the sink in the kitchen

Over time, accumulate in the pipes fat, food leftovers, sometimes get stuck in the mud small solid objects causing obstruction. Then begins the process of decay - this is what most often is the cause of an unpleasant smell in the kitchen. Also, the sink begins to exude a heavy odor in the event that disrupted water seal in the trap.

Hydraulic lock (also water lock) - this is a feature of the structure of the pipe under the sink, through which it after draining is always a certain amount of water. This water tube clogs all the unpleasant odors coming from the sewer. If there is no obstruction, toxic substances produced during the decay, spreading rapidly throughout the kitchen.

Water is no longer trapped in the trap for a variety of reasons.

Sagging of the corrugated tube. During installation, the kitchen sink is often replaced by a siphon for a corrugated tube made of a more pliable material. Over time, the tube is stretched and eventually loses its shape, and this is true even if it has been installed on all the rules. In order to avoid problems with sagging corrugated pipe, it should be further strengthened with the help of special devices, which can be purchased at any store plumbing. If necessary, you can temporarily fix the pipe tape.

Improper installation of the siphon. Very often there are problems with fixing bulb-type trap. Unpleasant smell in the kitchen appears in this case due to the fact that the plastic sleeve does not reach the water level in the trap flask. design feature leads to the fact that a water lock it simply can not be formed properly. Air will inevitably seep above the water level, causing the smell of sewage at some point begin to spread through the kitchen. Rectify the situation can be offset through the pipe. It must be installed so that it does not touch the bottom of the flask, but was sunk a few centimeters into the water.

Self-installing or repairing the corrugated tube. It is often set with regard to economy of space - not forming a conventional S-bend, and whereby the formation of the water lock. Due to such provision of the corrugated pipe after draining the water may rise back into the sink. Another dangerous pipe installation diagram at its end which are driven directly into the riser. Eliminate the problem in the same way as in the first case with electrical tape or fasteners. If even so it is impossible to form an S-bend pipe must be reinstalled or replaced altogether.

Obstruction and disruption of the siphon - are not the only cause of the bad smell from the sink. In addition, it is worth noting these options:

  • The formation of cracks on the surface of the drain pipe. Even through the most minor mechanical damage can seep smell of sewage. Moreover, leaked through cracks water permeates the floor and the wall, the joints begins to accumulate moisture. Increased moisture leads to the formation of mold.
  • Stagnation of air into the drain pipe. This happens when the riser in a dense obstruction. It can be identified by characteristic squishing sounds that occur during draining. Soon after the formation of blockages in the sink in the kitchen begins to seep out of bad smell pipe. Airing on their own with the riser can not be managed, it will have to call a specialist from the housing.
  • Sealing has been broken between the drain and sewerage. Solve the problem is very simple - just one more time to process all the sealant joints.

Tip! If the problem of an unpleasant smell in the kitchen is the absence of a seal between the drain and the riser, for reparse better select silicone adhesives.

How to eliminate the smell in the kitchen sink using household chemicals

To eliminate sewage smell coming from the sink can be a variety of ways. How exactly, it depends on what caused the bad smell in the kitchen. If it is caused by an accumulation of fat on the pipes and dirt that caused the blockage, then the problem is most often solved by flushing the pipes. To do this, use special chemicals that can be purchased at any store household chemicals.

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Among the most reliable means of treatment includes the following brands:

  • "Mole". This is proven by decades Tools for pipe cleaning from domestic producers. In a number of CIS countries "mole" for many years it has been a leader in sales. The reason is that it not only effectively dissolves grease, food debris, hair and other debris falling into the pipe, but also is quite inexpensive. Furthermore, "Mole" sold in various forms: liquid and granular. In a liquid not aggressive cleaner, as a consequence, it can be used to clean plastic tubes.
  • "FCPF". This is one of the most powerful granular cleaning agents to remove smell in the kitchen. It is poured into the drain hole sink and fill with water. Cleaner cope with congestion at any temperature, however, will be the hotter the water, the faster it will happen.
  • "Tiret". Cleaner is good because it is suitable for any type of pipe. It effectively eats away dirt and grease, but it does not harm the coating of pipes. Moreover, it is so safe that it can, if necessary, pour into the tube at night. However, it is infrequent - the average cleaning time is 15-30 minutes, sometimes "Tiret" coping with clogging of 3-5 minutes.
  • "Mister Muscle". One of the most popular means of treatment that is suitable for the removal of small obstructions and preventive treatments. Among the advantages of cleaner may include a variety of release forms: foam, gel, powder. According to customer reviews, the best an unpleasant smell from the sink eliminates foam.

Important! No matter how secure a cleaner pipe, it is recommended all the work to remove the smell from the drains in the conduct of special gloves. Means of thick consistency, usually aggressive, but they quickly cope with the clog.

We should also mention cleaner tubes called "Pothan." Despite the fact that this clearing agent is very effective, it does not enjoy the same popularity as other cleaners in the list. The reason for this are sufficiently aggressive components entering into its composition. "Pothan" can be dangerous to health if properly handle it. For safety reasons, it is necessary to fill in the shell means only in rubber gloves. It is also desirable to protect the eyes and skin. "Pothan" in contact with the human body quickly cause chemical burns. On the other hand, the cleaner removes the blockage in just 2-3 minutes.

How to remove the smell from the sink in the kitchen traditional methods

Remove the smell from the sink in the kitchen can also be folk remedies. This is especially true if the clogged pipe in the kitchen at their summer cottage, where the nearest store household chemicals can be about an hour away.

Deodorization by means of soda and vinegar

Minor obstructions can be eliminated by using a mixture of soda and bite. Cleaning procedure is carried out as follows:

  • ½ pack of baking soda is poured into the sink in the kitchen.
  • Then poured into the shell 1 tbsp. vinegar and close the drain plug with a rag. This is necessary because the soda reacts with vinegar, begins to actively form air bubbles. They cleave grease and dirt particles, washing them with the inner surface of pipes.
  • After 20-30 minutes after the drain is opened and the shell include water. After another 2-3 minutes all the dirt and ash will be washed away.

Important! In order to effectively eliminate the smell from the kitchen sink, it is necessary to wash off vinegar and baking soda hot water.

If the house is not soda, vinegar can be used alone, however, it should be pre-heated in a microwave oven. Only then pour the liquid into the sink. If desired, can be diluted vinegar 2-3 drops of essential oil - so not only can eliminate the unpleasant smell, but also to replace it with a delicate aroma.

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