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Pangasius fish: the good and the reviews

Pangasius - is a cheap fish, primarily grown in Southeast Asia. At present the benefits and harms of pangasius cause active debate as a result of certain conditions its breeding fish, in spite of their useful properties can potentially be dangerous when it is use.

Pangasius: what kind of fish

Pangasius - is a fish from the detachment Somoobraznyh. It reaches a size of up to 1.3 m and a weight of about 40 kg. The sale comes mainly young individuals weighing less than 2 kg. A feature of fish is a typical kind of dorsal fin with six rays. The Mekong River, where the usual wonton, flows through three countries - Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. For sale it is grown mainly in an artificial manner Vietnam.

How to distinguish the sea from Pangasius language

Sole and pangasius - is a completely different fish, even referring to different orders. Distinguish them outwardly simple: sole, as flatfish fish, has a characteristic flat body structure. But as often the buyer is dealing with already processed fish meat fillets in the form, the differences may not be apparent at first glance.

Fillet of sole is extremely white color, it is almost transparent. Color pangasius fillet can vary from white-pink to gray, while there are always pink areas that have never been found in the sea of ​​language.

In addition, sole fillets are always delicate, because this fish is flat. Fishy odor from the sea of ​​language is not fillet. Also in the sole fillets no fat layer.

The composition of pangasius

Catfish vitamin composition (per 100 g of body weight) the following:

  • vitamin PP - 2 mg;
  • Vitamin C - 1.2 mg;
  • vitamin E - 1 mg;
  • Vitamin B1 - 0.2 mg;
  • B2 and B6 vitamins - 0.1 mg.

The composition includes fish easily digestible cholesterol in an amount of 70 mg.

Trace elements that are part of the fish:

  • potassium - 240 mg;
  • Calcium - 50 mg;
  • Phosphorus - 210 mg;
  • magnesium - 20 mg;
  • Iron - 1 mg;
  • chromium - 55 micrograms;
  • iodine - 50 micrograms;
  • fluoro - 25 micrograms.

According to the content of many minerals Pangasius is not inferior to most marine fish.

Calorie pangasius

Fish has the nutritional value:

  • Protein - 17.2%;
  • fat - 5.1%.

Carbohydrates are composed of no meat. About a quarter of the fat - Useful unsaturated fatty acids omega-3 in an amount of up to 1.5% by weight. Water makes up 77% of the total quantity of substances in the fish.

How useful Pangasius

pangasius fillet benefits due to its constituent elements is as follows:

  • improvement of brain activity and memory (thanks to phosphorus and fats);
  • normalization of the skin (vitamins and fats);
  • improvement of the hair structure and nails, increasing their strength (amino acid and calcium);
  • strengthening of bones, joints and teeth (calcium, phosphorus);
  • functional recovery of locomotor apparatus (polyunsaturated fats);
  • preventing the early development of joint disease, particularly osteoporosis;
  • prevention of premature aging (antioxidants and polyunsaturated fats).

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Among nutritionists are of the opinion that the regular use of the fillet improves sleep and increases stress.

Pangasius is useful if pregnant and lactating women

If the meat is compliant and has not contain heavy metal salts, its It can be used during pregnancy, but this use will not be of a recommendatory character.

On the other hand, fillet contains a lot of iron and other trace elements that are beneficial for the circulatory system, which makes them useful properties in the prevention of anemia.

Another useful feature is a fillet that sufficient amounts of chromium, which is used as a regulator of insulin production in the body. Thus helping the mother and baby to normalize glucose metabolism in the body.

However, too high a risk to receive a defective product, as well as the relative complexity his assimilation of even a healthy body make this fish an unwanted pregnancy or during lactation.

Can I give the children of Pangasius

The positive effect of this product for a child's body, certainly is. He is in a lot of phosphorus and calcium, so in children strengthens the skeletal system and improves the function of the nervous system.

Important! Like any other fish product, it can be used for children from the age of three.

But do not forget about the origin of the product. Therefore, before giving pangasius fillet child should weigh all the pros and cons. In addition, it is advisable to do so after consultation with the pediatrician or doctor.

Also, the relative risk for children are small bones, which are abundant in meat pangasius. Therefore, when feeding them small children should be carefully examine the pieces of meat and if possible to get rid of small bones.

How delicious to cook pangasius

Fish goes well with a variety of other products and can be prepared in various ways. There are more than a hundred recipes, which include Pangasius: from soups and main dishes to cakes and rolls.

Mainly fish cooked with vegetables, seasoned with abundant greenery. It is allowed to bake in batter or cream. Fillets can also be cooked on the grill and a variety of wines.

Actually, there is virtually no incongruous combinations of products that would include Pangasius. This is what explains its increasing popularity.

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