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Why die the most undemanding houseplant cactus, and how to save it?

Cactus is the most unpretentious plant, which can grow and bloom in the home.

Apart from the fact that the flower does not require special care, he is able to live with you for decades, but with proper creation of habitat.

Despite all the advantages of a cactus, the plant can sometimes get sick or rot, which will ultimately lead to the death of long-livers.

The main causes of death of a cactus

To understand what the plant withers enough to visually assess the plant. When the flower starts to hurt, then he begins to lose elasticity of the skin. Flower can begin to turn yellow, wither or rot.

It should be noted that even if a large part of the plant is damaged, but still have healthy cells, it is still possible to revive.

To save the plant, it is necessary to ensure proper conditions for the growth of the flower.

How to extend the life of indoor cactus

The optimal conditions for the life of the cactus considered the same as in its natural environment. It should be borne in mind that everyone has their own characteristics cactus growing to be followed individually.

Despite the individuality of each plant there are a few general rules that promote the growth and development of the flower.

1. Requires pot of sufficient size and depth. In addition, the vessel shall be made of clay, so the capacity will be able to correct the excess liquid to evaporate from the soil.

2. Properly watered cacti. Watering cacti sought solely as drying of the soil. An overabundance of moisture will lead to rotting plants and disease.

3. Temperature conditions. As for temperature, the cacti are accustomed to the hot climate, but adapt and to our communities. The only thing worth doing - make it a cactus in the winter on the balcony and then he will be able to live.

4. Fertilize plants. Cacti in spite of its simplicity, as well as other houseplants need nutritionally chernozem.

If you adhere to these rules, you can not only get a durable flower room, but also a plant that can give bloom.

As can be different, so do not be upset, depending on the variety of cactus, flowering period, if your pet does not bloom. There are cacti that bloom once in several years, can you just such a variety.

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