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The smell of the children's urine output from the couch and carpet

Unfortunately, the children of the first two years of life are often "miss" and write anywhere, just not in the pot. Every mother knows that puddle on the linoleum, and even laminate - it is not a problem, much worse - a wet trail on upholstered furniture or on a fluffy carpet. If the child described the sofa, get rid of the smell will be much more difficult than on the spot itself. To help the hostess will come as a people, and specialized tools: in this "fight" all the ways are good.

Features children's urine odor removal

When a small child the first time pissing on the sofa or on the carpet, my mother did not see anything wrong. Indeed, the wet spot dries quickly, almost never leaves a trace, and most importantly - no unpleasant odor. In an extreme case, the mother has to wipe marks urine wipes or wet cloth. But time goes by, the baby grows and begins to eat not only breast milk or infant formula, he was quietly transferred to the "adult table". That's where the problems begin.

As before, the child described the sofa and bring the smell of plain water is not obtained. All the matter in the diet of a grown kid he already eats fruits and vegetables, cereals and purees, and, of course, meat. That's because these products are children's urine and ceases to be a "friendly", now it leaves a persistent yellow spots and very unpleasant smell.

If the kid described expensive sofa or new carpet, do not immediately panic. All fixable! Only should act quickly and wisely. As soon as the mother noticed a wet trail from children's urine, it must undertake the following:

  • Grab something that can well absorb moisture. This can be toilet paper, kitchen towels, paper towels or rags Microfiber.
  • Carefully press the cloth or towel to the spot and try to soak up as much moisture as possible.
  • Several times to change the cloth and press down harder on the sofa or mattress to "pick up" any excess urine.

I am trying not to do this to get rid of the children's urine stains, such as:

  • dry spot hairdryer;
  • Wet iron sofa or carpet hot iron;
  • make "ruffled" thing in the sun;
  • put mattresses and mats for heating appliances and heaters.

Important! Drying described sofa or carpet can be only after all of the layers of upholstery and fabric will be displayed until the last drop of urine.

Heat and ultraviolet rays "will seal" infant urine smell inside the material - then it will be much harder to get rid of it. In addition, after heating manifest unpleasant brown and brown spots.

How to display the children's urine smell from the couch

Children Urine leaves not the most stubborn stains, they are quite feasible to get rid of, even on a white couch or mattress. Only we must act correctly, because the most dangerous - the smell, which can be for many months to become a "companion" of family gatherings on soft furnishings.

Print the smell of urine from children's mattresses, armchairs or sofas in several ways. Excellent cope with this task folk remedies that you can always find at hand. If the mark on the upholstery of the sofa had time to dry before the output spot, it is necessary to re-soak. This will help ordinary warm water.

Attention! The faster start cleaning, the greater the chance and get rid of the yellow trail and the odor. "Ambre" from chronic unhatched timely spots "leaves" much more difficult.

How to remove the smell of urine from the couch children's soap

Normal soap - old and proven over the years the way removing the most stubborn stains. The smell of the children's urine, too, can get rid of with the help of available funds. Act as follows:

  • Take a clean kitchen sponge (foam rubber) and wet with warm water.
  • Good soap sponge with a piece of soap.
  • Grate the soap foam sofa area with a children's "surprise".
  • Leave the soap on for 15-30 minutes exposure.
  • Wipe the stain with a cloth moistened well. Repeat until, until it disappears all of a lather.

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Chronic tracks from children's urine, the smell of which is already firmly "ingrained" in the upholstery of the couch, too, can try to deduce using soap. In this case, do not rub the sponge, and the furniture itself. Perhaps the first time will not work to get rid of the odor-resistant - the procedure is repeated.

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