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Want to increase stems Orchids? Garlic infusion to help you. How to make and use it

I've always loved flowers. As a child, this mother taught me. I have in my album a lot of family photos on the background of smart plants on the windowsill. Before my mother is still far away.

But boast exactly the same mini garden, as I have in the apartment can not exactly every woman. By this I went for years. In my library has many books on caring for plants. My favorite flower is the orchid.

I really like her appearance. Before my delighted orchid beautiful flowers is not so often. But I wanted to enjoy the blooming as long as possible. But now I've found the secret of permanent flowering and want to share it.

frequent flowering secret

Many women with the first lines of thought that now I will advertise all sorts of expensive feeding. But actually it is not.

I very rarely acquire such goods in flower shops. I do not like chemistry. It adversely affects the atmosphere in the house. Also, the chemistry is not very useful for a variety of animals. I live at home a parrot that is very responsive to the chemicals.

And I use the normal flowering garlic. This is the garlic, which is commonly used for colds and eat.

For orchids need an infusion of this wonderful product. Such means is environmentally friendly and is preparing is not difficult.

Recipe garlic infusion

In order to prepare the perfect garlic solution will need ordinary water and garlic. No other ingredients to use is not necessary. The water must be purified. It is best to use the water in the bottle.

You need to clearly follow the below diagram is shown

  • On the table should lay all the necessary ingredients: water, garlic (170 g), a bowl with a lid, a special device to crush garlic and saucer.
  • Next you need to remove the husks from garlic.
  • A special device to crush the garlic and put this weight on the saucer.
  • In the two-liter jar pour 1 liter. water. It is said that water should be slightly warm. All this is close the lid.
  • Bank must be placed in a dark place and stayed there for five days
  • After five days, the solution is ready. Already far as possible to keep the mixture in the refrigerator.

How to conduct watering

Treatment should be carried out root method. You can spray the leaves and stems. The best way to do this, use a special packaging and dispenser.

The plant may be sprayed completely or only the affected part. This method I use for a long time.

On my windowsill are six pots of orchids. These plants bring me nothing but joy.

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