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Do you want to make amazing Violets bloom in winter? A few recommendations to help you with this

Violets - my favorite among the flowers, at the moment on the sill quite happily thriving nearly a dozen of varieties, pleasing all shades of purple in the winter cold!

In fact - this is not such a complex science, to make them blossom in the winter months. The main thing - to follow a few of simple recommendations.

First - keep violet in the pot right size

If he is great to violet, it will build-up roots and weave them until the whole earth com - buds will not. But the plants in appropriate sized pots transplant is recommended 2 times a year, and winter flowering supports Autumn transplant.

In the course of it, you need to completely change the soil and examine the roots, remove spoiled.

Second - forms part of the ground conditions

Good soil mixture to ordinary violets may consist of peat, sheet soil, sand or perlite, coconut fibers or sphagnum moss - only take on one part.

Such soil is light and "breathing" of the flowers it will fully absorb all the feeding.

Third - plants provide enough lighting

These flowers are very fond of a long day - not less than 10 hours (and for some varieties - requires all 12 hours), but at the same time - the sun's rays do not scorch them directly.

Of course, in the winter on the windowsill is impossible to obtain naturally. Therefore it is necessary to install a 30 cm from the violet fluorescent lamp.

Fourth - maintain optimum temperature and humidity

Ruin the whole flowering perspective may drafts and even frequent temperature changes. All winter it should be in the range from + 18 ° to + 24 ° C degrees. And often in apartments rather dry air for violets.

Therefore it is necessary to spray them frequently with warm water or put near to the evaporating water tank.

It is also possible, it makes sense to install a special humidifier - this technique will be useful not only plants, but also human, pet.

Fifth - do not forget about fertilizers

For a luxurious flowering violets need potassium and phosphorus fertilizers, while the nitrogen - is minimized, since they largely contribute to the development of the leaves.

To violets bloomed in the winter, enough to make feeding every 10-14 days, always - in the evening or cloudy day.

From folk remedies have proven themselves infusions of onion or peel of citrus fruits, sugar solution, tea brew.

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