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Want rapid growth indoor plants? A solution of banana peel will help you

Like every grower, I always longed to have my room green and multicolored "pets" were healthy and grew rapidly. Which only fertilizer I tried!

Expensive and cheap, natural and artificial. But I did not expect that one of the most effective means would pelt from a conventional banana!

True, the option to bury his pieces into the ground, I threw at once - such as an organic banana, very quickly starts rot, which creates an unpleasant odor and degrades "microflora" in pots, and even lures every magnet midges.

But the solution of it - is another matter. Take a look at its chemical composition, and everything becomes clear:

· Potassium - strengthens the ability of plants to pull out of the soil nutrients;

· B vitamins - strengthen the immune system of colors;

· Sugar - are involved in the process of production of chlorophyll;

· Phosphorus - speeds up the metabolic processes in plants - especially when they are young;

· Carotenoids - do flora more resistant to insufficient lighting and humidity;

· Magnesium - contributes to the fact that the flowers bloom more vivid;

· Calcium - helps the root system more robust form.

In general, banana skins you can give the plants all year round, but by experience, I found that they are particularly useful is in the period of active growth, the formation of new shoots.

the main thing - to use the skins of ripe bananas yellowish. You can even those who are already covered with little brown spots. But not completely brown!

Prepare a solution can be banana for such recipe:

· Coarsely chop the peel of a banana and put in a quart jar;

· Pour lukewarm water, cover the container cloth and leave at room temperature for 3 days;

· Strain the liquid, a skin - emissions and store infusion in a cool place;

· Fertilize banana plant solution simultaneously with irrigation, diluting the infusion 1:10 with clean water.

On banana skins can be prepared and other simple liquid fertilizers. For example - a "cocktail" with citrus.

To do this, you need to take these fruits 1 part crusts, add the same amount of skins of bananas and a couple of pinches of sugar.

Mix all, pour boiling water and infuse for 2 weeks. Then drain and watering diluted with pure water in the proportions of 1:20.

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