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Learn how to properly wash the leaves from potted flowers and enjoy a beautiful, healthy plants

Dust and dirt accumulated on the leaves of indoor plants, weakens them significantly impairing photosynthesis process gas exchange and evaporation. But only pure plant can be really strong, healthy and beautiful.

The frequency of cleansing foliage house plants

At various times, the leaves of indoor plants clean with varying frequency. For example, in the summer I try to wash them as often as possible, ideally it is recommended 1 times in 7 days.

And as in the cold season, most of the plants observed a period of rest, I would advise them to wash only when the leaves will accumulate a lot of dust.

However, indoor plants native to the Southern Hemisphere during the warm winter can be washed as often as in the summer months.

Methods for cleaning leaves home flowers

Identify several ways to cleanse the dust from the leaves:

1. dry cleaning. All very large flowers I clean in place, using the dampened with water, soft cloth.

Also, I was subjected to dry cleaning flowers with pubescent or sticky leaves that simply can not be washed with water.

In this case, I take a toothbrush with soft bristles and very neatly slowly removes impurities from each leaf.

2. Shower. To start the plant along with the pot should be put in the bath can be used for this shell. Next, I take the usual plastic wrap, and close to her face Peat mixture in the pot so that water can not get into it. Then take or a spray or a watering can shower.

Water have to be lukewarm. Spray or rinse each leaf of a flower. Then wait for the liquid to drain it, and blow bush into place.

There is a way of washing plants in the shower, where the surface of the substrate and can not close the film.

In this case, the flower should tilt slightly sideways (about 45 degrees), then proceed to the purification procedure, without forgetting to hold the plant by hand.

3. Bathing. Small plants are inconvenient to wash in the shower, so I prefer to bathe them.

To do this, fill a bucket or basin with warm clean water. Take the pot with a flower and turn it upside down.

After that, I plunge into the water plant and gently rinse it leaves his hand. Then just have to wait until the water has drained from the leaves and can be worn bush into place.

RememberThat the nature of the foliage of plants cleaned of dust by rain and wind. But potted plants are deprived of such opportunities, so they need to be sure to help to be always clean and beautiful. The more that make it quite easy!

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