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Useful if puffed rice, how to do it at home

Delicious, nutritious, extremely lightweight puffed rice - a favorite children's breakfast. People who are watching their health, also know a lot about this snack. But what is the benefit and harm of puffed rice and what are its properties - is considered in the article further.

What is puffed rice

Crispy rice can be called a kind of "popcorn". Here only it is made not from corn but from the ordinary white rice grains. Due to heat treatment and a special process for preparing the solid grains are converted to crisp treat, wherein the stored useful properties.

According to some sources, the dish was invented in India, and in other states that it is Thai snack. It is now common in traditional cuisine as a snack or dessert.

How to get puffed rice

In an industrial scale production process quite laborious puffed rice. The company uses a special gun to blast grain. Exploded delicacy obtained after a series of chemical and heat treatments.

  • To prepare healthy meals using ordinary white rice.
  • Grains purified, sorted and dried.
  • Prepared rice is placed in a special gun. Within 2 minutes, it is subjected to high temperatures and high pressure. Because of this, the grain changes at the cellular level: it literally "blowing".
  • Ready to pour the grain into a special rotating container.
  • Figure combined with various additives, for example, a sweet syrup.
  • Then carefully dried grain.
  • Ready delicacy compressed into small pellets, packed and shipped for sale.

The cooked rice you can not add additional impurities and to use as a dietary Khlebtsov. Their useful properties will appreciate the people who are watching their health.

Chemical composition and caloric content of puffed rice

Crisp Rice - Useful sufficient caloric and nutritional meal, which is rich in trace elements and valuable nutrients.

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Calorie product is 349 kcal, and this - a little more than 20% of the daily norm.

What is useful for the organism puffed rice

In the "blow up" rice contains many substances that have a beneficial effect on the human body. And due to the low caloric content it will benefit the people, stick to the diet, including for medical reasons.

By the beneficial properties of "blow up" rice also include the following:

  • the product contains a lot of crude fiber, which help cleanse the intestines of toxins, radionuclides and toxins;
  • "Exploded" grain is well absorbed in the body;
  • useful complex carbohydrates are favorable to stave off hunger for a few hours;
  • the absence of gluten in the diet foods makes it hypoallergenic;
  • Useful amino acids have a beneficial effect on the heart;
  • lecithin, present in the composition of puffed rice, benefits for the brain;
  • grain in finished form does not contain cholesterol;
  • resistant starch in the composition of the product is favorable for the growth of beneficial microflora, which is important for the functioning of the intestines;
  • insoluble fiber fiber can help to protect against cancer cells;
  • useful properties potassium eliminate harmful excess fluid in the body, which may affect the pressure drop and weight;
  • protective action Rice benefits in gastritis and gastric ulcer;
  • the content of B vitamins, contributes to the normalization of the nervous system and improve sleep;
  • significant indicators of calcium, iron, zinc helps to strengthen the skeletal system;
  • product enhances lactation;
  • It helps eliminate bad breath.

Is it possible to use puffed rice for weight loss

The crispy rice starch and a large number of complex carbohydrates. These chemicals trigger a set of excess weight.

Tip! Bar of the rice - rather nutritious snack that can satisfy your hunger for a few hours, and reduce puffiness education.

However, it is worth remembering a remarkable rule - everything is good in moderation. Even neutral loaves of rice grains do not get involved, because an overabundance purged can turn benefit harm.

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