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Want Gorgeous blooms Decembrists have for the new year? To feed hydrogen peroxide correctly

Dekabrist or rozhdestvennik growing in me for many years. It differs from other houseplants in that most of them are sleeping in the winter, and it "works".

Outside the window, frost, blizzard, or rawness, and the room is warm, cozy and the house is decorated not only the Christmas tree, but also wonderful natural colors of the Decembrists.

The plant is a little more than a month in bloom, the flowers are large and lush. But it was not always so.

For several years I have been using is not quite the usual dressing, which prolongs the flowering period and has a beneficial effect on the general state of the flower.

Hydrogen Peroxide: The best fertilizer for the Decembrists

I have tried many different types of dressings: Use wood ash, boric acid, made from extracts of apple and banana skin. They are good for the formation of buds and blossoms of the Decembrists.

But once you try hydrogen peroxide, I forgot about other options and for many years been using this very inexpensive pharmaceutical product.

The peroxide has all the elements which promote the formation of buds, blooms lush, strengthening the root and improve the soil in a pot.

This liquid contains more oxygen in their composition than water, so it can be compared to the rainfall. Fertilizing decembrist peroxide does not mean making it in pure form, is first necessary to prepare a mixture of: water and peroxide in a ratio of 10: 1. Such a solution is suitable for irrigation in a single week.

I fed off a flower every day. But for everyday use need to reduce the concentration. The pint of water and only 2 drops drip, while using trohprotsentny peroxide solution.

Note! It is impossible to prepare a solution for the future, as the peroxide has volatility.

When to make fertilizer

I do this several times during the year:

· In the spring, when rozhdestvennik begins to develop actively, he needed nutrients;

· In summer, it builds up a lot of green;

· In mid-November the plant comes out of dormancy comfortable and starts to "work".

At this time, the first buds are tied. That they are well developed and do not crumble, I water decembrist day, small portions of water and hydrogen solution. However, we can not allow excess moisture, because it can negatively affect the state of the root.

Flowers of my plants have a bright red color. I am sure that the color has become more crowded after I began to apply the peroxide.

To keep the buds and allow them to blossom, do not they become available to move the pot and even touch the plant.

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