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Learning how to cover the vines for the winter

Despite the fact that the grapes - a heat-loving plant, it can be successfully grown in our country. The main task - the right to hide it for the winter, so that the bush is not frozen.

I want to share with you the way how to cover the grapes. The use of this method helps me to engage in the cultivation of grapes has been the first year.

It is very important to do this at the right time. Big mistake to hurry up and hide the bush, when there are the autumn rains. In this case, the bark on the vine vymoknet and then cracked and grapes will be ruined.

preparation of grapes

I am guided by about the end of November. It should be remembered that at the time the shelter bush should always be treated against pests, as well as timely circumcised.

When autumn was dry, I abundantly watered the ground under a bush.

Back in September, need to make sure that the bush was podkormlen fertilizer. When the leaves have fallen, it should be cut nevyzrevshie vine, otherwise it vymerznet with absolute probability.

grapes Shelter

Remove vines from the trellis, carefully bound in the weak free bundles and placed on a prepared mat, as the vine will certainly need to be isolated from the ground.

I use a bed of boards, and for this purpose you can use plywood or slate. Litter have to be decontaminated in advance any substance from diseases and pests - I use for this purpose bluestone.

I crush your previously prepared the bush to the ground. Then it must be protected. The material for the cover can be varied, but the most important thing - that he was a natural.

Natural material is much better retain heat, artificial same can not boast.

The most important thing in dealing with natural material - it has to be pre-cleaned by means of the process fungus and dry, then fold it and store in a dry place until needed us for cover.

I usually use for this old blankets and towels, you can also use old clothes. I cover on top of all of this insulation film. Be sure to watch for so that the film material is not in contact with the kidneys.

Otherwise they zapreyut, and in sunlight and did burn down. Is fixed brackets film-arcs. the film ends must be covered with earth, but also should be left small gaps, or vine rot, worn out.

With this method, the shelter I successfully grow grapes in the middle belt of Russia.

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