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Benefits and harms of grape leaves recipes

Grape berries - is a source of nutrients required by the human body. But leaves the content of vitamins and minerals not yield fruit. They are used for cooking in many kitchens of the East and in traditional medicine. And the benefit and harm of grape leaves studied the US medics to include them in the national list of health food with a number of valuable qualities.

The composition and caloric content of grape leaves

Grape leaves are of great benefit to the human body and practically do not cause him any harm thanks to rich in mineral composition. They contain vitamins B, K, A, E, PP, ascorbic acid, beta-carotene. Moreover, the healing properties of the foliage and amplified potassium calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, copper and manganese, phosphorus, selenium and other minerals.

Useful properties of grape leaves

Grapes - a popular affordable delicacy loved by many. But few uses grape leaves as a food product and is aware of their benefits and harms to the body. Repeatedly conducted studies that have proven the existence of medicinal properties of green berries. The results of their study suggest that the leaves, especially the Amur class, can be used as a means for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease. Among the medicinal properties of green grape leaves can highlight their ability to:

  • stop bleeding and reduce inflammation;
  • shooting pain;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • to treat disorders of the stomach;
  • to help in the treatment of rheumatism;
  • normalize the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract;
  • soothe the nerves;
  • to help overcome depression.

Because vitamin A leaf is a powerful antioxidant. They derive from the body toxins. Greens has a rejuvenating effect and helps to slow down the aging process. The use of foliage favorite fruit god of wine and wine Dionysus promotes eye health, skin and hair.

Medicinal properties of grape leaves enhance their constituent acid. Omega-3 helps in the treatment of joints, normalizes the functioning of the heart, is a preventive measure malignancy of tumors. Chewing leaves promotes cleansing of the oral bacteria and teeth - of plaque, preventing periodontal disease. But do not chew on the day of more than one sheet, so as not to cause damage to the enamel.

The use of grape leaves in traditional medicine

Due to its useful properties of grape leaves is not the last place in the alternative medicine. They are used both fresh and dried. From them prepare medicinal teas, herbal teas, teas. Foliage in whole or milled to form a paste used for poultices, which adjusts to wounds for acceleration of healing. When varicose veins to reduce the vasodilation and the formation of the grid is good to apply red leaves of grapes, the use of which is seen by pharmacologists. Green materials made preparations for the treatment of varicose diseases.

Juice grape leaves

Fresh juice of the leaves is of great benefit to the digestive tract. Its use:

  • It reduces the level of acidity;
  • It helps stop vomiting and retching in disorders of the intestine;
  • It slows internal bleeding and promotes their stops;
  • It helps to cope with bouts of nausea;
  • output from the kidneys and bladder stones and sand;
  • It possesses antibacterial action;
  • positive effect on the genitourinary system.

In addition, the juice of the grape leaves is a good aphrodisiac, which strengthens men's health, increases the attraction to the opposite sex and increases the potency. But do not abuse them not to get unwanted harm instead of good.

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The infusion of vine leaves

Grape infusion - a useful tool that leads to normal and improves the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. He is an excellent antioxidant that cleanses the body. To prepare you need to take a fresh grape leaves and hot water. Cooking process:

  • Wash the leaves under running water.
  • Remove shanks.
  • A little crumple and fill 1/3 of the raw materials liter cans.
  • Pour boiling water over the top.
  • Resealed.
  • Put infuse in a dark place for 21 days at room temperature.

During the infusion means you need to shake every couple of days. Infusion drink once a day before the main meal. For this purpose means 10 drops should be diluted in 3 tbsp. l. water. Treatment lasts for two weeks. Then the rate should be suspended for 7 days, and repeat if necessary.

Storage time of infusion of the beneficial properties of vine leaves is 3 months at room temperature and 6 months - in the refrigerator.

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