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The coffee to wash white clothes

Kind of white clothes and elegant furniture can spoil spot appeared at the most inopportune moment. Traces of coffee and coffee drinks are always difficult to withdraw, they clearly stand out against the bright materials and quickly eats into the fabric. Coffee to wash white clothes is quite possible, but we must act immediately. Facilities for the effective removal exist in each apartment, and it is not always shop "chemistry."

Does coffee washes with white clothes

Going to shopping, you need to advance to take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the white stuff. White tissue most susceptible to all sorts of contamination. The big danger for them is regular coffee. Spots of this drink washes improvised or special cleaners.

In addition to the composition, on the label of any items listed basic information about the properties of the material. Some manufacturers print on the label, and detailed information on how to clean the white things with regard to the properties specific tissue.

It's worth noting that coffee with cream, milk or chocolate washes in lukewarm water. Not all remember this in an emergency, but in vain! From hot rolled wash milk, then have coffee stain bleaching chemicals. It should not be too cold, and the water - a white cloth she not be removed.

Important! Ostiryvaya coffee stains from white, you need to carefully use special chemicals, to comply strictly with concentration, carefully read the instructions Aggressive "chemistry" can easily spoil a white thing, rather than save her.

Especially the removal of old and new spots

Methods for the removal of old and new coffee spots are slightly different, and each method has a number of features. Coffee stain, like any other, it is easier to wash when fresh pollution.

Should pay particular attention to remove any coffee stains:

  • It is not recommended to rub the stain with a napkin. Since coffee will penetrate deeper and clothing can not simply be washed off. Napkin used for cautious promakivaniya contaminated site.
  • You can not wash out coffee stains with hot water. And natural and synthetic fabrics under high temperature fixed spot. Then have to wash coffee with white material will be possible.
  • When coffee stain removal means do not apply a high alkali content. For washing white clothes are selected on the basis of oxygen bleaches.
  • The composition, which is used for otstiryvaniya coffee stains, is applied to the underside of the white clothes. For processing using a soft brush.
  • Before otstiryvaniya large patches need to be tested tool on unnecessary white cloth of the same composition or on an inconspicuous area of ​​clothing.
  • Old stains from coffee zastiryvayut not immediately after applying the bleach. Recommended dampen contamination by water or diluted lemon juice, only 10-15 minutes start cleaning.

A warning! Inveterate stains from coffee output solutions with added oils. Fresh dirt, on the contrary, it is not necessary to remove so - the fabric will lose its properties, quality, color. There are more sparing methods.

After soaking the clothing does not necessarily wash out with the addition of powder rinse sufficiently item in cool water (Temperature of + 37- + 40 ° C.) Water for washing white must not be rigid, it is easy to soften the small amount of talc or starch.

How to bring coffee stain on a white folk ways

Proceed to the removal of stains of coffee with white clothes is necessary as soon as possible. The fabric is impregnated with fighting plenty of warm water. No need to even try to deduce coffee stain conventional washing facilities - contaminated area can easily be increased in size.

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Even before the bleaching agents and aggressive consumer "chemistry" people used traditional methods to remove stains. Today, these methods do not work worse and deserve attention.

Laundry soap

Water-wet clothes inside out portion rubbed dry with a piece of soap. Then white thing rinsed several times in cold water. This method works well on cotton, wool and silk white dress. But it is good to wash with soap obtained only fresh stains.

Tip! After washing soap white clothes made of cotton can be boiled. This will help get things back the former luster.

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