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5 blunders, due to which the violets bloom poorly

Like many novice fans of violets or Saintpaulia, I am faced with the fact that my beauty bloom poorly. It was a shame, expecting to see a magnificent hat of bright colors, get a couple of sickly buds or nothing.

I began to understand the causes of this situation and is ready to share the findings with you, dear readers.

So, at the beginning of his passion violets, I made 5 errors, which adversely affected the flowering.

1. Left flowers in the winter without lighting

I knew that Violet does not like direct sunlight, and the flower should be put on the windowsill east. I have windows facing south, so its beauties placed on the shelf, a meter away from the window.

But I did not consider the fact that the duration of the lighting should be 12-14 hours! And in the winter, and even in the back of the room, the color darker.

I had to buy fitolamp colors of light to fill the deficit.

2. Violets do not like hot weather and dry air

In winter, batteries in the apartment is not only warm, but also dry the air. It is not critical for the violets, but affects the flowering splendor. It is better if the plants are kept at a temperature of +20 +22 degrees.

Humidity I raised, posing next to a bowl of water with flowers, in which fill a handful of expanded clay.

3. Not transplanted faded violets from the store of the substrate

First I bought a flowering Saintpaulia in a store. After they faded, I just cut the plants watered and left alone. I waited for violet rest and delight with new buds. Certainly not.

Shops violets are in the transport peat substrate, to be fed with fertilizers. The soil itself is empty, and the buds are formed at the expense of fertilizer.

When violet fades, it must be transplanted in this land, otherwise the plant will starve in a scant soil.

4. Too large pot

When transplanting young violets I made a mistake by placing the plants in large pots.

As a result, I received a lot of healthy and strong leaves and buds zero. Pot for a young blooming violet to be cramped, a volume of 250-300 ml.

5. Improper dressing

The classic mistake when planting a plant in fertilized soil, forget about feeding. Empirically found that the need to feed Saintpaulia every 10-12 days, starting with the appearance of primordia of buds. I have been using the drug Kristalon flower.

I'd be happy if my experience is useful to other lovers of beautiful violets.

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