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How to rejuvenate adult flower "Female happiness"? Professional advice

I am an experienced grower recently began to notice that the turn to me for advice employees of different offices, tems to find out information about how to rejuvenate adult flower called "Women's happiness" or Spathiphyllum, some call it "White sail".

This flower is quite beautiful and always pleasing for its lush greenery with the right care for them.

rejuvenation procedure of this type of houseplant care is a necessary procedure. Once the trunk flowers appear the remains of dead leaves and aerial roots, respectively flower begins to lose its appeal.

This problem is solved by means of rejuvenation procedures and because of it, you can save a flower.

I practice several methods of rejuvenation female happiness flowers and the most popular are the following two:

1.In the first methodI forced the stem take root.

· For this stem from the dried leaves were removed, but carefully so as not to damage the aerial roots.

· After a piece of cellophane wrapped stem under the socket, to get a sleeve.

· Bottom cellophane neatly tying rope and filled with such medication as the sphagnum.

· Ventilation done a few holes in cellophane.

· Himself sphagnum need to constantly moisturize.

· A few months through this film you will see the roots, it is a signal to the fact that the process is cut off;

· Further the film is removed and the right together with the very moss plants are planted in a separate pot.

2. The second wayDespite the fact that it is troublesome, but nonetheless is effective and involves cut stem of the plant, ie, :

· Initially cut off part of the stem;

· Further cut stem is placed in the vase with water to rooting occurred and thus it is necessary to add 2 tablets of activated charcoal;

· Despite the fact that the lower leaves may dry out, they need to be neatly removed and be sure to remove sodden slips;

· To reduce the evaporation of moisture on the foliage wear a plastic bag, when the roots are 5-6 cm plants can be planted to a permanent place in the pot.

The owners of such plants should be aware that it can not be held under the bright sun. With proper care this plant it can bloom up to 10 weeks.

Apply hormones to rejuvenate this plant does not follow because it is very hard to find a dose of stimulants for him.

It is noteworthy that after I transplanted flower female happiness into the pot after rejuvenation, it is after a few weeks, threw their luxurious flowers.

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