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Clematis are preparing for the winter properly and enjoy the gorgeous flowering next year

Whatever curiosities not decorated my summer flower, clematis, I pay special attention to what it would not change! This year gracefully braiding "foam" of all shades of purple decorate not only the veranda, but the gazebo, I broke under these flowers flowerbed in the pond, and who knows what will happen next summer!

And plans to come true, I have become accustomed autumn clematis surrounded comprehensive care, prepare it for the winter, not to hurt, but the rest, gain strength and luxuriously bloomed for the next season.


Since August, I completely cease to apply nitrogen fertilizer - plants need to stop growth.

In September necessarily I am making phosphorous-potassium fertilizer (40 g of superphosphate and potassium sulfate on the bush 1) - enhances immunity and maturation of shoots.


After colder steadily to + 10 ° C during the day, to do cutting. Young vines the first year of planting a crop the I - I leave on each shoot, 2-3 pairs of kidneys.

A pruning those that are older, spend depending on the membership of a particular group of clematis to:

1. Flowering on shoots that have grown this year. We need a full crop, when the remains of 1-2 pairs of kidneys - in the spring will go to the growth and make up for all the pomp. This includes my favorite brand 'Ville de Lyon'.

2. Flowering at last year's shoots. This type I represented alpine clematis. Directly in front of the shelter, I remove from them only dry, old twigs.

Because the main crop is sooner - before flowering, shortening a little whip.

3. Flowering twice over the summer. They strip all the shoots on the third of the length. Of this group, in my garden lives sort of "Veronica's Choice '.

Watering and protection from disease

Ideally, before the shelter of the land at Clematis should wet to a depth of 1 m, but it is important not waterlogged soil -. Otherwise the root system rots.

Last season for watering convenient to combine with the cultivation of the soil under the bushes fungicides, protects plants from fungal diseases.

Yet it fails fundazol, 20 g per bucket of water. And on top of the soil and the base of clematis I powder wood ash.


Guided by weather - can cover Clematis when average day temperature is kept at -5 ° C, a sunny day. It is important that the ground surface under the plants dried up (but inside was well hydrated).

In general, all insulation in the winter of this flower is a simple - to the bush I was raking the ground, forming a mound, and to avoid rotting inside - covers him with peat or humus.

And because today there are abnormally winter cold, I think, is not superfluous to throw on top of the burlap.

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