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What sort of cucumbers planted next year? summing up

This summer was a cucumber! I think I just cakes of this vegetable is not baked!

And all because they tried some new varieties. Each of them drew loud advertising, positive feedback from friends, but of course, personal experience there is no substitute.

And now, in the autumn, perhaps, we can summarize that a variety will prevail in the cucumber beds in the next season, and what - to accompany him.


Absolute favorite! Hybrid variety, you can not mess around with seedlings and sow the seeds just once, and after the shoots seem, within 36 days to enjoy the harvest!

The variety does not need pollination, and virtually no ill. Cucumbers 7-8 cm in length, weighing 72 to g. Hilly, swampy-green with light stripes to the middle of the fruit.

Crunchy, not a shadow of bitterness, but there is a subtle freshness, as if the early summer you try on the tooth itself! Ideal for salads and as a salted.

Murashka F1

For the sake of the experiment planted in a greenhouse and open field - plants thrive everywhere! Almost did not notice this sort of barren flowers, but is vulnerable to downy mildew. Fruit weight to 100 g, grow length of 8-12 cm.

For my taste too prickly for salads, but very good at pickling - brine soaked rapidly. Crop can be harvested at 40 days in the fridge lay before salting for 10 days and did not become worse.


Fruiting, you can expect at pollination by insects (bees). Mid-grade - the crop can be removed at 49-51 days. Dark green cucumbers covered with blurred stripes. The length of 9-14 cm, weight - 75-105 g

Pleasant to the taste, but it is better than both salted and pickled salads and for pickling entirely - I will take the other. Of the benefits - long yellow and resistant to disease.

bingo F1

Buketnogo hybrid type, which means that the cucumbers grow from the axils of bundles of 2-4 pieces. Grows the mass of 75 g and a length of 8-10 cm, but I prefer to collect on preservation when very tiny, on 41-42 day - length of 3-4 cm.

Practically free of seeds, they kept pace together and so, and requests to the banks!

It just so happened that I had them in the greenhouse and in the growing right behind her currants, did not have abundant lighting. But still showed excellent fruit set.

The Magic Flute F1

In my opinion - lettuce variety. Dark green fruit with a thick rind and bright spikes. Some little gorchat tails, although looked normal.

Grow 11-15 cm long and weighing 90-130 g It's sort of tall, so that in the future I will consider and will be tied up. Harvest began to take off at day 45 and fruiting last long.

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