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The better to plant a vegetable garden in the autumn after the harvest? Advice from experienced truckers

Today more and more people, especially those living in private homes have gardens in which grow a variety of vegetables. The products resulting from the processing of land, distinguished by their advantageous properties and quality.

How to get organic fertilizer plant

Previously, at the end of the harvest I left the ground in order to land a rest before the next season, and in the spring to add various fertilizers.

Just a few years ago I subtracted interesting article which told how to obtain biological fertilizer plant, thereby using a different chemistry.

There are many choices of plants that are considered green-manures, that is, they result in rotting form efficient and environmentally friendly fertilizer for growth.

The landing of such crops is held in late August or spring. Siderates germinate, after which they are plowed into the ground, and they rot, forming a fertilizer rich in elements such as:

· Nitrogen;

· Phosphorus;

· Potassium;

· Micro and macronutrients.

Despite all the advantages of biological fertilizer necessary to plant the plants correctly. Abundant foliage can sour and not burn out, and then the use of fertilizers will not.

landing features green manure into the soil

In general, as a green manure can be any plant that is not hardened and does not bloom. Particularly commonly used as green manure use rye, beans, buckwheat and other crops.

Also suitable for biological fertilizer Parian nettle, not who reached flowering. Depending on what vegetables will sit in the ground for the next season and is determined by the type of plant.

It should be understood that each plant burnout gives a certain amount of certain substances in the soil. For the potatoes well in winter sow buckwheat, then you can advance to get rid of problems with Porsche.

When used as rye green manure, the soil sated nitrogen. Rape despite.

That matured form brings harm to the earth, as a green manure gives a lot of potassium and phosphorus.

These plants are planted in the ground from September to November. Good sow grass on the green manure plants, because in addition to organic fertilizer, is also provided by the weathering of snow retention during the winter months.

Land of culture is necessary, even when the night is not very cold, because otherwise the seeds simply do not germinate, and will lie until the spring thaw.

Get a good harvest in your garden can be a gardener, it is not necessary to use the purchased fertilizers. It can be from autumn to plant green manure in the spring to get fertile soil.

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