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What can not be added to the soil, so as not to ruin the soil? Advice from experienced gardeners

Catching, a long period of landscape gardening work I was faced with the fact that you need to know what to add fertilizer, so as not to spoil the earth.

Of course, trace elements, which are present in fertilizers, soil needs, especially zinc, manganese and copper, but you should know that all fertilizers significantly increase the acidity soil.

The soil in my garden plot was a healthy garden plots, I follow certain principles:

· am making fertilizers in accordance with the instruction;

• Do not use on a site materials containing polyvinyl chloride, since it selects dioxin poison;

· Do not apply soap solution in the composition, which has a synthetic substances, as they may contaminate the soil and stored for a long period of time.

· Try not to add to the soil fresh manure, as it keeps a large number of pathogens, it has the larvae of pests, weed seeds;

• If I on our soil chemicals, then at the same time do not add to them biological, since the last feedback will be discontinued;

· To improve soil fertility, I do not use clay and pit sand, despite the fact that It has enough nutrients, but they do not pass water and air, which can destroy plants;

· To enhance fertility in the soil make no straw, as it emits large amounts of acid, such as acetic acid, benzene, formic and accordingly increases the acidity of the soil, which does not allow plant roots develop;

· More than when not added as fertilizer is not humus leaves, as they can be infected and as a result will ruin the whole crop.

· Can not be applied to the soil fresh tea brew, as in the soil will increase the nitrogen and accordingly it will adversely affect the roots of the plants.

Before adding the ground tea brew it must be thoroughly dried;

· Do not add to the soil, the fresh coffee grounds, since it is a hotbed of fungal diseases and therefore heavier soil.

· Should not be used to control pests salty solution, as after these procedures the soil loses its structure, begins to crack and loosen even it is almost impossible.

When added to the soil fertilizer, should closely monitor its acidity to maintain soil fertility.

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