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How useful peas, properties and contraindications

Benefits and harms of peas - an interesting question, because the peas found in everyday and holiday dishes. You need to carefully read the properties to understand how justified its use.

What are the varieties of peas there

Legumes has many varieties, and they are eaten. There are 3 main product varieties:

  • SugarOr green - as the name implies, has a pleasant sweet pea flavor. Most often, the variety used in salads, added to soups and main dishes. Handle such peas do not need, it is suitable for eating raw.
  • Shelling - this grade requires boiling, since it has a rigid structure. It is sold as a whole and into crushed form.
  • Cerebral - an unusual wrinkled peas. Cook it is not accepted, but it is often found in canned foods.

Yellow peas, frequently used in cooking, is not isolated in a separate grade. In fact, it is the same peas, ripe but before the end of the past and the drying procedure.

Despite the difference in appearance and processing methods, all varieties of peas have useful properties and are useful for health.

Composition, nutritional value and caloric peas

To assess the benefits and harms of peas for the body, it is necessary to look at the composition of this product. In any sort of peas contains the following components:

  • Vitamins B1 and B2;
  • PP nicotinic acid;
  • Vitamins A and C;
  • iron and potassium;
  • selenium and fluorine;
  • biotin;
  • vitamin B4 and B5;
  • cobalt and manganese;
  • molybdenum and silicon;
  • amino acids;
  • flavonoids;
  • Tamin substance.

Most peas contain carbohydrates, they accounted for '49 This is followed by the proteins occupying 20 g and fat present in the product in a volume of 2 g Calorie 100 g of pea is 298 kcal.

Benefits for the body of peas

Favor of peas for the human body can not be overestimated - the product has a significant beneficial effect on health. By judicious use of peas:

  • It improves blood vessels and protects against atherosclerosis;
  • It supports healthy heart function;
  • lowers bad cholesterol;
  • It accelerates metabolism in the body and enhances motility;
  • It assists in the presence of sand in the kidneys, since it has a diuretic effect;
  • strengthens joints and bones, protects against the development of arthritis and osteoarthritis;
  • a positive effect on the stomach and eliminate heartburn;
  • It strengthens the immune system and makes the body more resistant to viruses and infections.

For peas useful properties is the fact that it contains a lot of amino acids and low in fat. Product eating promotes muscle gain, but does not lead to the appearance of excess fat.

For women

peas benefit to the woman's body is the product helps control weight and improves bowel. Minerals in the product strengthens nails and hair, maintain freshness and elasticity of the skin.

Eat peas useful during menstruation, in the product contains a lot of iron needed to compensate for the level of hemoglobin. Therefore, the product can prevent the negative effects of blood loss and maintain well-being of women.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

During the period of carrying a child to eat peas can bring a lot of good properties. First of all, the product will help solve the problem of constipation, which frequently affect pregnant women and relieve symptoms of toxicity. Peas has a positive effect on the nervous system and, in addition, contain calcium necessary for the formation of the skeletal system of the fetus.

However, women need to be aware of the moderate doses of the product. Eat peas need a little, otherwise it will cause damage and will cause bloating and diarrhea, is present in the product is very high in fiber.

As regards the period of lactation, it is better to refuse from the product. With a high probability of dietary fiber in the composition will result in bloating and colic in infants, which is undoubtedly harm.

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