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The more useful boiled egg and how many calories it

Eggs are among the most popular products in the world. Benefits and harms of boiled eggs are still the subject of controversy doctors and nutritionists. Some consider them an indispensable product in the diet for all ages, while others are advised to completely abandon them: because of the bad cholesterol.

The composition of chicken boiled egg

Despite all the controversy, many people prefer to have breakfast boiled egg. And not without reason: after all, its nutritional value is unique.

Its composition by BZHU follows:

  • proteins - 5.51 g;
  • Carbohydrate - 0.49 g;
  • Fat - 4.65 g;
  • potassium - 55 mg;
  • Sodium - 122 mg.
  • Water - 73 g;
  • saturated fatty acid - 3 g;
  • Ash - 1 g;
  • disaccharides - 0.7 g;
  • cholesterol - 575 mg.

The energy value of 100 g - 160 kcal.

From a medium-boiled chicken egg organism receives 68 kcal.

Nutritional value and caloric boiled egg

The use of boiled eggs to the body and also lies in the wealth of vitamins: the concentration of each of them is from 4 to 40% of the daily requirement of nutrients consumption.

As food boiled egg product is considered to be the most safe and easy for the body: boiled digestibility is 95 - 96%, and it is a record figure for food products.

The composition also contains polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats have a positive influence on the activity of all human body systems.

How useful boiled eggs

The main benefit is the vitamin that is rich in cooked products:

The most important beneficial properties:

  • Restoration of blood hemoglobin.
  • Vitamin D is essential for strong bones and teeth, especially in winter when the lack of sun.
  • Protein normalizes blood and intracranial pressure.
  • Tryptophan stimulates the production of serotonin, and its usefulness in the fight against stress and seasonal depression is undeniable.
  • Omega acids contribute to the purification of the vessels, protect the hair and the skin against damage caused by external environmental factors.
  • Vitamin A has useful properties for the view.
  • Antioxidants help clear the body of harmful free radicals.

For women

eggs are very popular among the ladies, but not All women know about the benefits of the cooked product in the restoration of power during the menstrual bleeding.

Doctors believe that its use in food will be beneficial to the female body in maintaining youth and reproductive health, as well as reduce the risk of tumors in the mammary gland.

In addition, women are happy to use it as part of a variety of face masks and hair.

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For men

Men appreciate the benefit of availability of eggs: for omelettes and scrambled eggs - a simple dish, favorite representatives of a strong half of mankind. Boiled eggs are very convenient to eat in the morning, however, the benefit of the breakfast lies in access to affordable protein needed to build and build muscle without injury.

The use of boiled eggs for weight loss

The unique formulation of useful proteins, a plurality of amino acids and trace elements: selenium, zinc, phosphorus and iron made boiled product indispensable in diets.

The boiled it gives a feeling of satiety, without harming the metabolism. And despite widespread fears contained in the yolk cholesterol it is not harmful to blood vessels. It is believed that the greatest benefit brought eggs, eaten in the morning, but their use in the night - no later than two hours before bedtime - also harm does not deliver.

Eating a boiled egg, a person who wants to lose weight, receives protein and energy, without harm to the body and the figure: the useful properties of the product used by most protein diets.

Important! Boiled eggs will benefit with weight loss, if you combine them with vegetables and fruits, such as grapefruit.

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