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5 Basic Tricks planting garlic in the winter to produce a large crop

To collect a large harvest of large heads of garlic winter, you need a responsible approach to planting crops. Knowing a few tricks planting winter garlic, you can easily increase the harvest.

Predecessors and neighbors garlic

Garlic should be planted in the garden, which grew cultures that do not have with him common diseases. This legumes, early cabbage and radishes, cucumbers and zucchini, spicy greens. You can not plant garlic after the onions, tomatoes and potatoes, flower bulbs. In its place a culture can be returned after 4 years.

Plants that are good precursors of garlic, and fit for the neighborhood. If the plot plan does not allow to place the garlic on the rules, garlic flower bed cased calendula, marigolds, salad greens.

These plants repel harmful insects and become a barrier to the spread of disease.

soil preparation

For winter garlic choose flat, sunny plot. The soil is suitable loose and fertile, the reaction - a neutral or slightly acid.

Without a soil test to determine the acidity of the soil can be weeds growing on, on acidic soil grow plantain, horsetail, sorrel. Acidity reduces making wood ash, lime, chalk, bone meal.

If the ground is wet clay and its correct introduction of sand (to 10 kg per 1 sq. m) or PACs. Before planting, dig the bed of garlic, removing weeds.


Garlic likes to organic, but can not tolerate fresh manure. Under the culture of make:

· Humus 8-10 kg;

· Superphosphate, 2 tbsp. spoons;

· Potassium salt 1 tablespoon. spoon.

Mineral fertilizers can replace wood ash, which is made of 300 g per 1 sq. m.

planting time

The exact timing of planting winter garlic depend on the climate a particular location. Garlic plant, when the daytime temperature drops to +7 +10 degrees, and at night will be less stable.

In this case, the garlic will have time to take root, but not sprout before winter and greens will not perish from the cold.

planting scheme and preparation of seed material

Planting depth depends on the garlic cloves size. Large segments is lowered to a depth of 7-10 cm, 5 cm smaller. The distance between the teeth is 25-30 cm.

Teeth before planting soaked in fungicide solution (potassium permanganate, fitosporin, Maxim). This will help to destroy the pathogens.

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