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Do Doshirak harmful, benefit and harm of instant noodles

Doshirak has been a relief for people who do not have time for a full meal. Such snack quickly saturates and does not require any effort to prepare, besides, has a pronounced taste and pleasant aroma. Benefits and harms of instant noodles to eat - the subject of lively debate: someone claims that a product is not as bad as they say about him, and someone with this totally disagree. What is clear is uniquely useful fast food can not be, therefore, they should not be abused.

Composition Doshirak

The basis of the legendary product is, as you might guess, noodles, made from white flour. Do not be afraid of this ingredient because it is somehow present in the diet of every person (From a flour made white bread, pasta, dough for baking), and does not bear a great harm. However, the use of wheat flour and very little, because the recycling process, it loses most of the necessary body substances.

As part of instant noodles to eat there as palm oil - not the rich in vitamins and carries very little good ingredient, but on the human health impact is not as destructive as Media say.

Far more dangerous flavorings, which are attached to the instant noodles and endow it with detrimental properties. Refill it contains, besides dried vegetables and soy meat balls, rolls over the amount of salt, as well as various nutritional supplements (including sodium glutamate), colorants and fragrances.

How useful Doshirak

Useful properties of instant noodles to eat a little, but still they are there.

First of all, noodles contain dietary fiber, essential for the normal functioning of the digestive system - this is the main benefit of noodles.

The main advantage of instant noodles to eat is its ability to promptly satisfy your hunger. Another nice feature of noodles is a simple and fast way of cooking, which saves time and effort.

Finally, soy meat, always included with the product, contains protein, and benefit the health of organic matter.

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Doshirak can not boast an abundance of useful properties, but still harmful noodles significantly exaggerated.

harm Doshirak

What Doshirak unhealthy - well-known fact: unfortunately, the useful properties of the product do not cover his health hazard.

Thus, the dish is of little use figure. It proved that its abuse can cause obesity (in one portion of the product contains more than 450 calories). In addition, the basis of noodles make fast carbohydrates, which is saturated for a short time and thus stimulate overeating.

Are harmful to health and condiments that come with instant noodles to eat. These supplements are designed to give the broth a rich taste and aroma, but from the use of hot spices severely affected the digestive system: increased acidity of the stomach, often appears heartburn and discomfort in the abdomen, in the future may develop gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.

Attention! You should not have Doshirak on an empty stomach - is a direct path to serious disorders of the digestive system!

Misuse of the product is of little use and cardiovascular system, as a portion of the high-calorie food helps increase cholesterol in the body.

A colossal amount of salt in the composition of the broth is also a negative impact on human well-being. Excess sodium can cause fluid retention in the body, kidney harm.

Some researchers argue that unlimited consumption of fast food can be fraught development of malignancies in the body as food additives belonging to the noodle are carcinogenic properties. Thus, Doshirak really can be deadly if it is, in unlimited quantities.

Contraindications to eat instant noodles to eat

  • Do not get involved in instant noodles to people who have problems with the stomach and gastrointestinal tract (eg, stomach ulcer, gastritis, colitis).
  • The product is recommended to delete from your diet to those who seek to lose weight, or have obesity as a dish quite caloric, contains a part of almost one fast carbs, as well as increased appetite and provokes binge eating.
  • Giving Doshirak children is strictly prohibited - the dish is not only not benefit child's body, but also hurt him!
  • It is not necessary to use the product to pregnant and lactating women, as harmful properties of food have a negative impact on the development and condition of the child.

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What kind of instant noodles is best to choose

On supermarket shelves, you can find a variety of different types of semi-finished products and fast food with a variety of properties. So, the famous instant noodles to eat there a lot of competition.

One of the most prominent opponents of the legendary Korean noodle - brand products "Rolton." Rolton Doshirak has identical composition, but the product of this mark less sharp. In addition, users report more intense than with the Korean product taste and aroma.

Quite popular among domestic buyers and Noodles "Big Bon". The advantage of the product is quite delicious and hearty sauce, as well as useful and flavorful vegetable seasoning.

Lovers of fast food and convenience foods should pay attention to the products of the brand "Big Lunch". They are distinguished by rich meat flavor, a delicious aroma and a very impressive size servings. Useful properties at Big Lunch is slightly larger than that of instant noodles to eat.

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