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How to achieve an abundant flowering Kalanchoe? Important guidelines to help you with this

Fans of indoor plants are often planted kalanchoe, which is blooming with beauty create an unforgettable and pleasant aroma.

The birthplace of the plant is considered to be a tropical climate, and therefore care must be present in the same conditions.

Today you can buy in any Kalanchoe flower shop, but in order to achieve an abundant flowering need to work hard.

What you need to know about the Kalanchoe

If you purchased the plant, it is first necessary to understand the need to replant the flower from the pot or not. If you do not understand, you should consult a salesperson in a store.

For Kalanchoe it is important that the roots had plenty of room for growth and development. Better to use a slightly larger size of the pot, so there will be embarrassment at growth.

For proper and efficient growth of the flower needed:

· Sufficient moisture;

· Certain temperature;

· Proper lighting;

· The fertile soil.

As for the soil, it should be airy and nutritious. Alternatively, one can use a commercially available primer designed for such plants.

If you plant a flower, the first thing it will bloom in about a year and a half. If it is early flowering, the plant is likely to die.

If early bud is cut, it is better to get rid of it a flower, as all forces leave on flowering and culture eventually lost.

Features of plant growth

If the flower has reached the age of maturity, he can bring the color several times a year, the orchid blooms usually ten days. It is important to ensure proper coverage of Kalanchoe. This plant likes lots of light but no direct contact with the foliage.

The light should be diffused. Install a pot with a flower on the south side, it is desirable, since the heat-loving flowers and sunshine it will benefit.

As for watering, it is important to ensure proper moisture. Watering should be plentiful as in the monsoon, which is poured into the plant environment. Also has a bloom effect on climate and its temperature drops.

Difference between day and night temperatures should be 5-6 degrees Celsius. It is due to changes in temperature begins flowering plants.

Providing blossom all the necessary you will be able to enjoy the beauty of this amazing plant.

If the period of growth and early flowering pot should not touch, when he was dismissed, then these ten days, you can install a plant somewhere in the room to admire the beautiful blooms.

However, it is important to remember that the completion of flowering pot of flower is better to put in the same perspective of what it was originally, so it will be easier to resume after the release of the flower.

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