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How cacti live in the home? How do I care to prolong longevity

Cacti - is perhaps one of the most unpretentious of indoor plants, which does not require any special care or maintenance. Flower can even survive a long time without watering, it does not die from aridity.

Most likely this resistance to dry climate of the plant because of its natural habitat. People often wonder how many lives and cactus at home.

Of course, the natural conditions of cultivation of home can not be compared, but a couple of decades, it will live and bloom.

Famous centenarians

The natural environment of different species of cacti have a certain age criteria. Some of the plants may be over five hundred years.

If to speak more clearly, by centenarians include the following types of cacti:

· Echinocactus - up to 500 years;

· Saguaro - more than 300 years;

· Saguaro - about 150 years;

· Astrophytum - up to 150 years;

· Ferrokaktus more than 100 years.

Of course, in the home flower can not live as much as in the wild, even if the flower to give all necessary for proper growth.

How to extend the life of the cactus

However, in spite of this it is possible to extend the life of the plant for a maximum period. Ate to ensure the plant the most suitable conditions to its native environment, he will be able to show off your long years windowsill, but it is important to understand that each species has its own peculiarities of care, which should be selected individually.

There are also general rules that apply to all cacti. The plant should be watered only when the drying of the soil. Do not try to pour more water to flower better races.

an overabundance of moisture can lead to death of the plant. During the winter, many species of cacti did not require watering, so if you pour water, it will worsen the condition and growth of the plant.

In addition, the important role played by the pot, which is growing cactus. Preference is given to only the pottery, not plastic. In an earthenware container root system better breathing and moisture evaporates faster.

It is also recommended to ensure optimum plant air temperature. Despite the fact that cacti tolerate any changes in temperature, the main thing not a bad thing, they prefer their natural heat, so if you want to grow a long-living and need to be concerned about it.

Cacti amazing plants that normally habitat can live up to five centuries, in an apartment to a flower growing for as long as needed to create optimal conditions and then everything will turn out.

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