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Where to put the orchid house, to plant and grow perfectly happy gorgeous flowering

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I always wanted to be an orchid house. Husband found out about it and decided to make me a gift for our anniversary.

He gave me a white and red orchid. After the plants have withered, they are more than a year did not please me to full flower. It upset me.

I read a lot of articles to find out what is the reason. It turned out pretty simple - plant did not like my chosen place. When I moved the flowers, they bloom after a while.

How to choose the right place

Orchid photophilous plant, so it should be placed on the east or west side. She does not like the heat, so on the south window, where the sun from morning to evening can be lost.

If the windows facing north, it is necessary to take care of the artificial light.

When choosing a place for the flower must be considered and its variety. Such as Wanda likes a lot of light and heat, but the Phalaenopsis feels better in a cool room.

As for the rooms, the orchid is better to put in the bedroom. If there are bedside lamps, it can be placed on standing near the bedside table. Plant can be placed in the kitchen, but preferably away from the plate, so that it does not enter the hot steam.

In the winter, it is better not to put an orchid on the window sill. In the kitchen is constantly open window, so cold air will fall on the flower, which has a negative impact on its bloom.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of the pot, where the plant will be developed. I advise you to pay attention on the internet - hypermarket "Empire gardener" (Link is clickable and leads directly to a page with a huge selection of flower pots). In this moment there are still discounts in honor of Black Friday and you can grab a great pots at a reduced price without leaving home.

In winter, the plant can be placed on the south window. There it will receive the necessary amount of light. If a southern window in the summer to remove the plant is not much, it must be obscure.

From the constant sun burns on the sheets appear and disrupt the functioning of the roots.

You can not put an orchid near radiators and doors. In the latter case, the plant will be constantly on the draft. To orchid died, it just a few minutes of exposure.

Air temperature

Also sufficient light, orchid needs to maintain an optimal temperature. Summer in the room with the plant should be about 25-30 ° C, and in winter - 20-25 ° C. Humidity in the range 60-90%.

I was lucky, because out on the eastern side of almost all the windows of our apartment, so your orchid I'm from the cold southern bedroom suffered in sunny kitchen.

On hot summer days, I remove it in the refrigerator. It is located at a distance from the plate and the windows. Orchids feel at this point very well. Both fired peduncle.

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