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Land for Money Tree: How to prepare an ideal soil by

Money tree or tolstyanka- is an indoor tree, which on belief of some people bring into the house well-being and prosperity.

Care for the money tree is not difficult, but it is important to know how to prepare the soil for the plants before planting. In this process, there are some important points that you need to know and consider.

Especially to prepare the ground for the money tree

Today, buy a money tree you can in a flower shop. If you purchased it in that place, then you should know that transplanted culture into another container need not earlier than three weeks.

Landing is also important to prepare the ground properly. Even if you bought ready for a pot filler at the store, you will still need to make the preparation procedures.

1. Firstly, it is necessary to mix the soil with the purchased krupnozernovym sand to provide a sufficient amount of root system traversed by air.

2. You should also treat the soil with special structures to minimize the probability of contact with soil pests or diseases.

3. Another preparation step is considered to be sifting the soil through a sieve to obtain a uniform soil.

All this training is mandatory, because the plants need enough air and moisture for proper growth.

What you need to know when planting plants

As for the landing, here before work should be prepared pot.

It needs to be washed thoroughly under running water and pour over boiling water to prevent the formation of a fully and appearance of pests or disease-causing bacteria and organisms.

Wire processing should be strictly according to the instructions printed on the package and select quality products.

Today the market offers a wide range of fertilizers, and treated with a solution that not only provide protection for the plant, but also provide nutrients flower.

If you do not understand is how a solution to treat the soil or plant, consult professionals who can not only tell, but also to explain why it is necessary to give preference to this drug.

Only a properly prepared soil, money tree can give correct and full growth.

The root system of the money tree develops comparatively quickly, so do not have to replant the flower more than once in a year or two.

Timely culture change will allow to enjoy a healthy and nutritious plant that will decorate your home and bring prosperity.

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