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Do you want a chic hat in Viola? Sweet tea can help in this

From an early age I like violets. I decorate these fluffy bushes all window sills in the house. The beauty of them is that they practically do not take up space, easy to care for, for a long time please its flowering.

If you want to see on a flower gorgeous hat, the violet should fertilize sweet tea.

The use of tea leaves for the flower

Tea brew contains the following nutrients:

· Potassium;

· Magnesium;

· Calcium;

· Manganese;

· Phosphorus.

Important! Potassium is essential for plant growth, but its overabundance leads to the death of the flower.

Sugar, in turn, contains:

· Vitamin B2;

· Sodium;

· Potassium.

With regard to the useful elements, it is rich in selenium, and iron. It also has glucose, and this substance loves every plant.

Per liter of tea will be enough tablespoon of sugar. Fertilize tea plant can throughout the year.

It will be especially useful sugar young plants, which only increases the foliage. In this case, in a liter of water dissolve a teaspoon of sugar.

Water the young plant sweet solution at the root of not more than once a month.

Which tea is best to use

The sheet is suitable as a fertilizer black or green tea without additives. You can also use herbal infusions. The main thing that they were not strong.

No need to use the packaged product. Usually it is of low quality, and thus contains a small amount of nutrients.

Water the plant only drink freshly. Also on the ground under the leaves can be used to pour a little welding.

It will act as a mulch prevents rapid evaporation of moisture. Violet loves moist soil, so be sure to thank the lush cap.

Important! If you choose to use tea leaves as mulch, be sure to sprinkle it on top of a little land. If she would just lie on the surface, it can be got bugs.

Be sure to use tea during transplanting flowers. Prepare strong drink, after cool down to room temperature and pour them land. After tea, it becomes softer and more friable.

Fertilizer use is not strong brew. Violet fertilize several times a month, but not more than once a week. Spend watering procedure tea early in the morning or in the evening.

Remember that tea - the water is not so zealous still not worth it. From an excess of nutrients the plant will die.

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