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How useful running, how to run beginners

Benefits and harms of jogging - one of the most important issues for those who have decided to work out from scratch. Regular jogging can significantly improve the body or cause heavy damage, so to begin to understand all the properties of the running.

The benefits of running for the body

With all the ambiguity of the question use of running health is undeniable. Properties moderate runs will have a beneficial effect immediately on all systems of the body and contribute to the preservation of good health, vitality and youth.

For the heart and blood vessels

While running, the heartbeat is much faster, and therefore begins to move faster through the veins of blood, which has a cleansing effect on the vascular system. Due to rapid breathing into the blood more oxygen, which also improves blood circulation. The use of daily jogging is that the properties of jogging increase the endurance of the heart and have a vasodilatory effect.

for digestion

The use of daily jogging affects the digestive system. First of all, running properties help improve the metabolism - toxins and harmful substances begin to leave the body quickly. Due to the fact that the muscles are in motion, improves intestinal peristalsis, jogging relieve chronic constipation.

For musculoskeletal system

While running, it is essential to maintain good posture. Useful properties of regular jogging help get rid of slouching, straighten your back and neck. Improves motor function of the hip and shoulder joints - hands and feet are always in a measured movement. Benefits for the elderly run - running properties help maintain joint mobility and prevent the development of arthritis and arthrosis.

For mental state

Benefits of running in the morning is that when jogging the competent body not only consume power, but also received a huge boost of energy. Running helps accelerate blood circulation, to stretch all the muscles of the body, how to wake up from that mood improves.

Systematic jogging is beneficial to the brain and is an excellent prevention of depression and anxiety disorders. Useful properties consist in the fact that jogging normalize, including hormonal balance in the body - running fans are less prone to mood swings.

The benefits of running for women

Running - a kind of sport that is equally well suited for both men and women. morning jogging benefits for women lies in the fact that the classes help to lose weight and make the figure more toned. Jogging improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs - this is particularly useful for women planning pregnancy. run benefits for women after 40 is that physical activity can prolong youthfulness, delay menopause and still maintain some attraction.

Another useful property of the run - is prevention of varicose veins. Sport strengthens the calf and thigh muscles, improve the condition of blood vessels, so that even when using high heels women can not be afraid for the beauty of the feet.

It should be noted that the benefits of running and harm to women are inseparable from each other. So, it is not recommended to engage with an existing varicose veins - it can only worsen the condition and cause harm.

Useful than jogging for men

run benefit for men is very extensive. Regular practice of a positive impact on the visual appeal. Useful jogging improves your posture and form a beautiful muscular corset, helping to give the muscles a relief and to get rid of body fat.

run benefits to the man's body lies in the fact that the occupation has beneficial effect on potency. Pelvic Perfusion improved accordingly increased potency and enhanced libido. Running in the morning for men is beneficial from the point of view of development of general endurance - those who regularly pays attention to cross-country studies show the best power performance and is much less prone to cardiovascular ailments.

Running for Weight Loss

Many have heard about the benefits of running for weight loss. Morning and evening jogs are so-called cardio or load to help efficiently burn fat stores. Total for the month of useful lessons can be no harm to the body to lose a few kilos.

There are benefits of running for cellulite - important lessons property lies in the fact that the improved subcutaneous metabolism, and fat begins to be distributed evenly on top of muscle tissue.

How many calories are burned while jogging

The benefits of running for the female body in terms of weight loss lies in the fact that during the most intensive training calorie consumption. The average properties of 45 minutes long run allow to lose up to 800 calories, and thus does not need to run at maximum power all the time specified.

How to start running

Benefits of jogging in the mornings attracts even those who have never played sports. But not everyone knows where to begin, and yet ready to cross-country training is impossible without special training. It is in the best case will spoil the pleasure of training, and at worst - will harm health.

  • If the level of sports training approaches zero, then proceed immediately to the intensive running is not recommended. We must start with a useful walk - at least 40 minutes a day, first in the quiet, and then at a rapid pace. This will allow the body to prepare for the upcoming stress.
  • Jogging suit is not any space. It is best to run on dirt trails in a nearby park, and along the route flat areas should alternate with small slides. But along the road is better not to run - this can harm the heart and respiratory system due to strong gas content.
  • The pleasure of running and its beneficial properties largely depend on the equipment. Kindly choose comfortable clothes and shoes - the kind that will not hamper movement and be able to provide optimal temperature conditions.

Attention! Time for the first jogging is better to choose with some reserve. If you take classes very small "window" in his own chart, quickly tempted to throw useful but difficult initial training.

How to run

In order to use the run every day has justified itself, must be run in accordance with certain rules. If proven to comply with the recommendation, the run will not harm the well-being and do not lead to personal injury, and utility properties develop very quickly.

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