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Features Orchids watering in winter. What you need to know as a new florist

To date, the orchid is very popular among gardeners. Despite the fact that the plant requires certain conditions must also know how to water the flower, so that it is well developed and given color.

It is especially important to take care of watering in winter when it's cold outside, as an overabundance of moisture can lead to negative consequences and death of the plant.

How to water the orchids

In general, winter watering is carried out at intervals of ten days, but depending on the Climate temperature and air humidity to determine the need for irrigation can only visually.

Watering orchid defended necessary water at room temperature. If your flower bloom given, it is important to provide a sufficient amount of moisture and ensure that the land does not dry out completely.

How to determine that it is time to water the plant

Often planted in a special orchid pots made of transparent plastic. In such a box is much easier to monitor soil moisture in the flower.

Generally speaking, then watering is affected by several factors:

· Temperature in the flat;

· Status plants;

· The size of the container with a flower;

· The soil and its composition.

All these factors are important for the arrival of an orchid as a lack or overabundance of negative impact on the health and condition of the plant. If the apartment heating is strong, it will have to be watered more often to provide the required humidity.

Many inexperienced gardeners when caring for an orchid does not take into account that the plant should be well watered.

If you pour water on the stem, then the completion of the procedures necessary to dry with a paper towel to remove excess water, since otherwise the accumulation of fluid in the ground will rot or fungus.

Every gardener its recommendations on the landing and taking care of plants. To find the optimal solution for yourself it is important to look at the condition of your pet, only then you will be able to guarantee the flower healthy and proper growth and flowering.

Orchid essentially undemanding plant that is happy with their shape, color and flavor. Proper irrigation can extend the life of your houseplants.

If to grow and take care of the flower he becomes floral, and with proper care can flower stalks year-round.

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