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The time comes to Mandarin. Do not throw away the bones, better plant them and grow a beautiful tree house without much hassle

Today, people often enough as houseplants are grown citrus. This plant will not only provide fresh air in the room, but also can get the fruit.

The stores have a lot of plants from which it is possible to grow a tree, but such a purchase can take a while for the purchase and planting much easier to put mandarins of conventional seeds, which are in fruit.

Where to get a sapling tangerine

My child at school were asked the task on nature to plant in a pot a plant. At hand nothing really was not, and it was dark on the street to go to the store at the same time lay the mandarins.

It was decided to put the bones from the mandarins. Mission accomplished, this was the end, but what was my surprise when I saw through time in a pot sprout.

As it turned out with mandarin grains appeared full seedling.

What you need to plant tangerine tree of bones

When I started to be interested, then often enough that way and planted tangerines in our country, to home grown fruit-bearing tree.

Disembarkation process is quite simple and does not require special skills and knowledge.

To plant Mandarin you will need:

· Pot;

· Soil;

· Stones for drainage;

· Seeds mandarin.

First of all for planting seeds need to make a drainage system for the roots, so that moisture does not accumulate, and the plant does not rot. As drainage is possible to use rubble or sand. At the bottom of the stones are fallen asleep, and the top is poured prepared soil.

To be sure of the quality of soil is used it is better to purchase in specialized sales outlets.

It is filled with soil to 1/3 of the pot. The soil is filled with water and formed holes for the seeds. For planting should be used at the same time about five seeds to increase the likelihood of emergence.

Once the seeds are planted in the soil pot is placed on the window, if there should be no drafts and cold. In compliance with all the requirements of the first shoots will soon.

Tangerines in our region on the street does not grow due to low temperature performance in winter.

If you put tangerine grains and grow them in the apartment, you will soon get the tree on which grow room tangerines.

The first fruits of a tangerine will bring in five years, with the taste they will be different from what we are accustomed to.

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