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Learning how to feed the potted plants of sugar and enjoy the lush foliage and gorgeous flowering plants

The fact that the house plants can and should be periodically fed with sugar, I knew for a long time. But it turned out that in practice it is not so easy - it's not flowers tea to them in a pot with a spoon to pour the sugar can not be! All you need to do it right.

If the person sugar, it is fast carbohydrates and energy for the brain, the plant sugar performs other functions. Among them is particularly noteworthy that he:

· Helping them to derive more benefit from the sunlight;

· Strengthens the immune system against diseases;

· Enables the development of shoots and root systems;

· Improves the viability under adverse conditions;

· Promotes the synthesis of the dye colors of pigments.

From personal experience I can say that the demand for sweet feeding is especially great when the following symptoms:

· Pale color of the leaves;

· Thinning, stretching, bending of the stems;

· Insufficient leaf mass;

· Scant formation of buds;

· Flowering delay.

And you should not skimp on the sugar in the autumn-winter period.

All this is easy to explain the effectiveness. The sugar two important components - fructose and glucose. And important is glucose. It is, inter alia, serves as a universal plants "building material" by which may be further synthesis of substances such as proteins, starch, lipids.

Optimal feeding one skilled growers consider sugar solution, prepared from 0.5-1 L of pure water and 1 tablespoon sugar. They just need to water the plants - and sugar will be instantly at the roots.

Frequency making sugar feeding ranges from 1 times to 2 months to 1 times a week. We can say that it all depends on the conditions in which other "live" plant, which produced fertilizers. Each grower is to decide.

And it is very important not to overlook that for the full assimilation of sugar (ie, glucose), indoor plants need carbon dioxide. When it is not enough, and sugar is, in a flower pot can be got mildew and root system - can strike rot.

It is therefore recommended to make something that will contribute to the release of carbon dioxide. For example, you can select the EM-drug for the soil. Or conventional yeast.

Also worth noting is that it is best to take the most ordinary white sugar for indoor plants. Brown (cane) is of particular benefit for the people, but to flora - does not stand out with anything.

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