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Tired of that aerial roots from the orchid dry? Some important guidelines and forget about the problem

Drying of aerial roots - a common problem with the content of orchids. It is important to determine the cause and immediately begin to solve it, because the root system - the most important part of the plant. I tell why aerial roots dry out and what to do.

1. Wrong watering regime

Perhaps this is the main cause of the problem. Many are afraid of occurrence of the reverse situation - "overflow" and root rot. But too afraid of this, you can literally dry up the roots of orchids. Faithful symptom of this - they acquire a grayish hue.

What to do? Increase the frequency of watering and the amount of moisture which make with each procedure. Most likely, this will solve your problem. If not, read on.

2. Poor quality of water used for watering plants

Orchid - tender and capricious lady. This is especially true of its root system. If water it is too hard water containing mineral salts and heavy metals, it will immediately react to it.

You will notice this by the following features: the roots were covered with brown patina and the soil in the pot - white.

What to do? Proper water should be at least boiled and defended. Ideally should be prepared and applied at each irrigation melted water.

3. incorrect bait

If you use too concentrated fertilizer plant nutrition, it can lead to chemical burns and drying out the roots.

What to do? Applying universal fertilizer, make a dose that is 2-4 times lower than recommended. It is better to lure a little more often, but less concentrated fertilizer, rather than vice versa.

4. Infectious and fungal diseases

Wrong temperature regime and watering regime make your plant vulnerable to various diseases.

What to do? Important timely diagnosis and prevention of diseases of orchids.

Completely dried roots should be removed with the help of disinfected instruments. Place the cut - sprinkle pulverized activated carbon.

Remember that any plant disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Follow all recommendations for care of a plant, and will be able to enjoy its magnificent views without any problems.

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