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Why Women's happiness does not bloom, but only produces leaves? A few important tips and enjoy gorgeous blooms

This problem is probably faced many lovers of this beautiful plant. Sometimes Women's happiness does not want to acquire its wonderful white flowers; instead, it simply produces leaves. Once I got into the same situation and I want to share tips on how to solve it.

Women's happiness to flourish, follow these simple but very important rules:

1. Keep track lighting

Women's happiness likes a moderate amount of light. For this plant is equally harmful direct sunlight and dense shade.

It is best to place it on a table or other surface near a window. Ideally, the window should go to the south-east or south-west.

2. Maintain humidity

Around the plants should be regularly sprayed water with a spray bottle. This is because women's happiness comes from the tropics, where it is always humid air. It is also worth to wipe the leaves with a sponge dipped in water.

3. Water the plant correctly

Women's happiness should be watered abundantly in the warm season. The required rate - about once every two or three days. In the winter need more moderate watering, but the land is in the pot should never dry out.

Regular watering - about 1 time per week. Water for irrigation should be defended. It should be at room temperature.

4. Fertilize Women's happiness, but do not overdo it

In spring and summer should do it once a week. Winter and fall - about once a month. Suitable universal fertilizer for flowering plants. Do not make too much fertilizer, it can destroy a flower.

5. In no case do not put it in too big a pot

The fact that women's happiness can blossom only under one very important condition: the roots of the plants should fully occupy the space allotted to them in the pot. It is clear that too large would slow down the process.

6. Observe the temperature regime

Woman's happiness does not bloom if it is too cold. The temperature in the room where there is a plant that should not fall below 18 degrees, ideally - 20-23 degrees.

I applied these simple tips, and soon there was a real miracle - my Female happiness finally pleased me chic white flowers. Try it and you!

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