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The meat is useful, properties, composition, caloric value, the rate of the day

Benefits and harms of meat cause disputes between meat eaters and vegetarians. Useful animal fats and amino acids in opposition to the dangers of cholesterol and difficulty digesting products.


The most common classification of meat - animal species:

  • beef, veal;
  • pork, pork products;
  • mutton, lamb;
  • horsemeat, young horse meat;
  • venison, camel;
  • rabbit;
  • turkey;
  • fowl: ducks, chickens, geese, quails, chickens.


  • bear meat;
  • buyvolyatina;
  • hare;
  • meat of deer, elk;
  • game: partridges, wild ducks, pheasants.

Meat mined hunting - venison, camel and horse meat - considered an environmentally friendly product that brings health benefits.

Chicken, turkey, veal, rabbit used for dietary and baby food. They benefit children, as well as weakening the body.

Pork, lamb, goose and duck meat is the fat: its usefulness is questionable, according to the opinion of nutritionists.

Depending on the temperature condition was isolated: fresh, chilled, frozen, defrosted meat. The greatest health benefits brings fresh fresh or chilled meat, correctly processed and checked by veterinarians. Peremorozhennoe wrong thawed, stored for a long time meat can bring harm to health and the digestive system.

After freezing and thawing the right, the product retains the same beneficial properties as fresh meat.

What nutrients are part of the meat

Useful vitamin and mineral composition of different types of meat is similar, differs only in its percentage. Turkey - the leader in the number of useful vitamin B4, rabbit - the content of phosphorus in beef - more B12 and zinc.

The use of meat - in a high content of vitamins and minerals. Its composition includes:

  • B vitamins: Involved in metabolic processes, processing of calories;
  • complex vitamins A, C, E: Exhibit regenerative, antiseptic, antiviral properties, strengthen the immune system;
  • calcium, phosphorus: Supporting bone, tooth, muscle tissue, regulate the thyroid metabolism;
  • potassium, sodium: Regulate pressure, water balance, blood volume;
  • magnesium, chlorine: Responsible for digestion, the nervous system;
  • iron: It is necessary for the formation of red blood cells, blood clotting, increased hemoglobin.

The use of a specific type of meat in human nutrition is dependent on the need in certain vitamins or minerals:

  • chicken covers over 20% of the daily requirement of vitamins B5, B6, B12, chromium, phosphorus and sulfur compounds; 62% - vitamin PP; 120% - in cobalt;
  • beef It contains 85% of the daily value of vitamin B12, cobalt; 20% - copper, phosphorus, sulfur, molybdenum; 40% - PP;
  • pork covers the need for cobalt (80%), phosphorus, chromium (28%), B4, B6, potassium, magnesium, zinc (15%);
  • rabbit and turkey leading the phosphorus content (225% of normal).

Important! Meat pulp - full useful source of vitamins B, D, A.

Nutritional value and caloric content of meat

The number of useful proteins and amino acids in the meat reaches 20%. Protein is needed as a building material for muscle, bone, connective tissue, is involved in metabolic processes, the formation of antibodies.

Fat content of the meat depends on the type and condition of the animal. The fat in lean pulp is 2%, a fatty kinds - to 50%. Animal fat can benefit the body, it is involved in building cell membranes, maintaining water, energy balance.

The content of harmful to figure carbohydrates in meat does not exceed 1%. They presented glycogen - animal starch, beneficial nutrients.

Calorific value (kcal per 100 grams) depends on the carcass part:

  • Pork - 266 - 486;
  • lamb - 290;
  • beef - 144 - 287;
  • duck, goose - 347.

The most beneficial dietary and acknowledged:

  • chicken (170-260);
  • rabbit (179);
  • turkey (190);
  • veal (132).

Important! During heat treatment the energy value, and use BZHU ratio may change due to the addition of oil, salt, spices.

Useful properties of meat

Meat saturates the body with vitamins and minerals, amino acids, useful, easy to digest, when properly prepared.

Benefits depend on the type of product:

  • beef - regulates the acidity of gastric juice, reduces the risk of anemia, the deficiency of zinc, iron, increases testosterone;
  • pork - reduces cholesterol damage, the risk of cardiovascular events, increases the potency;
  • game meat - useful for building muscle mass, strengthen the nervous system, immune system; it makes up for the lack of beneficial amino acids neutralizes the damage from external influences;
  • horsemeat - it has antisclerotic, antiallergic properties, improves digestion;
  • mutton - reduces the risk of developing diabetes, damage from high blood sugar, normalizes the pancreas, saturates iron;
  • rabbit - useful for children, clinical nutrition, easy to digest, it does not cause allergic reactions, does not lose its beneficial properties when cooked.

For people engaged in sports or leading an active lifestyle, the meat is useful for breakfast. It makes up for the energy loss is well nourishes and prepares for active loads.

Useful properties of bushmeat:

  • brawn has a low caloric content (120 points), strengthens bones and tooth enamel;
  • beaver meat rich in selenium reduces the risk of cancer and neuropathic diseases, atherosclerosis;
  • elk useful for sports nutrition, improve reproductive function, it strengthens the heart muscle, reduces the harm from overwork;
  • game - normalize the nervous system, has an overall beneficial effect.

Important! Game - a useful, low-calorie, safe product that does not contain any artificial ingredients that can harm the body.

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