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I am telling you how to properly care for the Decembrists in the winter and enjoy a healthy, smart plant

Unlike many houseplants decembrist blooms in winter. But in order to bloom it was lush and the plant felt comfortable in this period, it is necessary to ensure proper and timely care.

Care in December and January

It is in December and January falls during the flowering of the Decembrists. At this time, I try to provide the most comfortable environment flower.

Since November, the bush was in the shade, then in December I rearrange it in a warm place with a temperature of air from 16 to 22 degrees.

The main parameters of care for such a showy plant in the winter following:

1. Illumination. Flower needs a lot of light.

2. Humidification Peat mixture in a pot. I spend it systematically 1 every 6-8 days.

3. Fertilizer. To feed I use complex mineral fertilizers for cacti and succulents, but is also suitable for flowering houseplants. In this case you must take a half dose from that which you can find in the instructions on the package. Bush fed every 15-20 days.

4. pruning. Carefully remove the overblown flowers and young leaves.

Care in February

In February, as a rule, the Decembrist already fades. At this time, the bush is transferred to a cooler (13 to 16 degrees) with moderate room lighting. Moisturize the substrate in the pot at this time moderately twice a month.

I fertilize the plant in February, only 1 time as soon as it is completely bud. This will help him to quickly restore power expended on flowering.

Do not forget to remove all the dried flowers of the bush, as they not only spoil the appearance of the Decembrists, but also take away his strength.

helpful hints

Pay attention to the following points:

· During the flowering plant should not be placed too close to a heating device works;

· Flowering bush I try not to disturb once again, because even if you move it from one place to another or simply turn, this can result in obletaniem buds and flowers;

· To wetting of the substrate is required to take the warm water, and watering, I try to spend in the first half of the day;

· Be careful to potting soil in a pot does not dry, but the stagnation of fluid in the roots of the same can not be tolerated, in both cases the plant can greatly suffer.

Luxuriantly flowering bush Decembrist give you a piece of summer in this frosty time, as well as lift your mood and decorate any room.

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