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Tortured white bloom in pots? Easy way to get rid of it without too many problems

Each florist know that for the ability to decorate the house with lush greenery and admire the colorful blooms, it is worth a lot of work. What are the only problems I encountered! But really once puzzled me white patches in flower pots.

I had to read a lot of literature and consulted with experts to learn all the possible causes of its appearance and the best ways to get rid of him.

Typically, this coating is as dry and hard, can be not only white, but yellow and even brown.

And the reason is most likely one of two things:

· Watering hard water from the tap;

· The introduction of excessive amounts of mineral fertilizers.

Such plaque aesthetic problem rather than practical and necessary to remove the upper thin layer of soil. And of course - do not overfeed minerals, water soft water.

To make it so, use boiling, freezing or addition of special funds.

If the white patches is more like fluff, it is - mold. It occurs very easily in favorable conditions, which include the excessive application of mineral fertilizers and excessive watering. And the second reason is even more dangerous because it can cause rotting of the root system.

So to save the plant should be quickly and for that I once successfully made the following:

· Carefully removed the flower (it was a geranium), cleared the roots and gently dry;

· Returned to the plant in a pot with a little bit of dried earth;

· Temporarily reduced watering to a minimum.

However, if the mold is gone much in depth, you may need a complete change of soil.

To prevent this problem, it is best to water the plants after checking the land - it must dry for 2-3 cm from the surface.

To prevent stagnation of the liquid on the bottom of the pot must have drainage layer and the drainage holes. And that does not spoil anything around - it just has to stand on a pallet.

Rarer causes white bloom is the wrong size flower pot - when it is too large. The fact is that if the root system can not master the entire volume of the earth contained in it, normally take out of it moisture and nutrients, all these excesses will eventually turn sour and mold.

And it is noteworthy that it is a nuisance only houseplants - in the wild is not such a problem.

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