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Colorless henna for hair: use and application of

Benefits and harms of colorless henna hair for women who love to care with the help of natural remedies. The product has a gloss properties and grooming, without changing color.

What is a colorless henna

This is a fine green powder with the smell of grass. It is made from a plant called "cassia tupolistnaya" (Latin name Cassia obovata). Not incorporates colored pigments.

The composition of colorless Henna for hair

The composition Cassia obovata contains vitamins and biologically active substances having properties power enhancing and brightening hair.

The composition contains the following valuable components:

  • Keratin protein, reducing structure.
  • Betaine - a natural moisturizer.
  • Rutin - for vitality.
  • Antibacterial components - Rhein and fisalen.

How useful colorless henna for hair

The use of colorless henna is very diverse. Powder of Cassia has anti-inflammatory and reinforcing properties. Removes dull and brittle, revitalizes hair follicles. Moisturizes and adds softness.

Benefit expressed as follows:

  • It does not contain any chemicals.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Eliminates dry and oily seborrhea.
  • It helps to cure acne.
  • Reduces wrinkles.
  • Useful for repairing damaged hair.
  • It gives shine and elasticity of curls.
  • Suitable for all ages, except for very small children.

hair strengthening

Cassia is useful because it helps repair the damage resulting from dyeing.

The product can be used for both treatment and prophylaxis. The use of vegetable powder will make hair thicker, give them smoothness and volume.

In addition to all the above henna removes dandruff, and returns the vitality of curls.

Acceleration of hair growth

Means a beneficial effect on the scalp, it awakens the follicles than stimulates the emergence of new hair. Properties colorless henna useful to accelerate the growth of hair.

How to use colorless henna for hair

The use of cassia is very diverse, for a useful result should properly apply the product, follow the recommendations on the timing and frequency of application.

How to apply colorless henna on your hair

Apply makeup necessary, keeping a certain course of action.

  • Any non-metallic cookware water necessary to dissolve the quantity of powder until the consistency of thick cream.
  • Hair comb divided into 4 or more parts. Consistently apply the product from the roots to the tips of each strand.
  • Wrap head with plastic wrap or put on a special hat.
  • Stand 30 - 60 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly, washing away particles of plants. Air dried naturally.

When working with the product to wear gloves on his hands optionally, since a coloring property absent. Apply shampoo and styling products can only be one day. Components of the plant have to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and to gain a foothold in it.

Recommendations for use depending on hair length:

  • For thin and short uses 4 tbsp. l.
  • When the length of the shoulders to - 8 art. l.
  • If hair is very thick, it is recommended to take 10 - 12 Art. l. powder.

How to keep the colorless henna on the hair

Keep ready-mixed color can be no more than 30 minutes to have gray hair and bright colors curls. Increase the time to an hour allowed for brunettes. Blondes may receive unwanted yellow, if you do not comply with the recommended time. Benefits largely determined by the correct exposure time.

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