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Want lush geraniums without any problems? A few drops of iodine and elegant plant is guaranteed

Geranium is perhaps one of the most common houseplants that can be found in almost every home. Bright and lush flowering plants pleases the owner of the eyes. Any special care of the flower is not required, so if you have a desire to get potted flowers - this is exactly what you need.

Features of cultivation of geranium in the apartment

On the advice of a friend I bought a geranium on the windowsill. Initially, the plant is well developed and even washed the color, but then for some reason has become dim eyes. I think the reason is improper watering or lack of light.

I climbed to the Internet and read that for geranium essential that the soil has been fertilized, then the plant will grow well and produce a magnificent bloom from spring to winter.

The better to lure flower room

Today, in stores on gardening offers a variety of feed up to contribute to the growth, but it is quite difficult to choose something specific. On the advice of a familiar look interesting article, where the lure of geraniums do yourself and it does not need to buy anything. Enriching the soil produced the usual iodine solution.

For preparing such a solution is needed:

1. Mark spaced water at room temperature of 1 liter.

2. Pour water into a quart jar for ease of mixing and added to one drop of iodine. If the plant is sick and he needs extra additional forage, you can take three drops, but no more, because you can hurt the root system.

3. Also in the solution can be added 10 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide to the soil became more lush and air.

4. After stirring, the lure may be added to the soil.

It should be noted that the solid foods introduced into the soil after watering the plants. Desirably iodine solution was spread along the edge of the pot so as not to hurt roots.

Also must be careful when entering the solution. If a drop fell on the leaf or stem of the plant site should be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge.

After such additional forage you will soon see the difference, and your plant can produce three-dimensional and colorful blooms. Given that geranium watered relatively infrequently, additional forage plant can be given no more frequently than twice a month, provided that the flower more.

In the normal growth of only one additional forage per month. If you like, when the room is the flowers bloom, it is important to know how to properly care for the plants to grow and be healthy.

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