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Viburnum red - the most useful berry-November. Benefits and how to apply

In late autumn, when nature stops at the last moment before the onset of winter, and all its colors fade, wonderful decoration appears on my site. This viburnum red fruits - amazing in its beauty the plant.

But the beauty of its flaming scarlet berries - not only the dignity of Viburnum. This plant has many medicinal properties.

Useful properties of Viburnum red

Calin is used in a broad spectrum of diseases. Fruits, leaves, flowers and bark of this plant have the following properties:

- Strengthening general immunity and treatment of colds due to vitamin C, F, A, E

- Normalization of the digestive system due to the fact that the berries of Viburnum is rich in pectin and tannins

- Restoration of "shrunken" in cold or laryngitis voice, which really achieve by drinking a decoction of the flowers of Viburnum

- Relief of any inflammatory processes in the body due to the content of the same tannin

- Acceleration of wound healing

- Normalization of metabolic processes in the body

- hemostatic effect (decoction of the bark)

- Lowering blood pressure, increasing the level of iron in the blood

- Antispasmodic action

How to apply a red viburnum

1. Tea made from the fruit of Viburnum

There are several recipes for this drink, I use the following:

Viburnum Berries should be washed with water, put in a container and mash well. Pour hot water, let stand for 10 minutes.

Followed by infusion of strain and boil for a few minutes. I use to dilute it with hot water about 1 to 1 and add a little sugar.

You can use honey, it will be useful, but then you must first slightly cool drink - in boiling water the beneficial properties of honey come to naught.

2. Tea made from the flowers of Viburnum

Dried flowers of Viburnum brewed with boiling water as usual tea. The resulting drink is perfectly helps to restore the lost voice for colds in the short term.

3.Varene of Viburnum, which does not require cooking

Scalded with boiling water berries rubbed mashed potatoes, fill with sugar, all mixed and ready... You can roll up in banks or use immediately.

This recipe is valuable because due to the lack of cooking, from the berries of Viburnum not lost any nutrients. Jam preserves all healing properties of berries.

Here are the benefits of this versatile is a beautiful plant.

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