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Vegetables that should put next to each other in the next year

Every year I preparing the ground for the winter plan, I would have to grow at their summer cottage in the next year. Successfully planted near the plants, can give higher yields. Some plants are protected from other diseases and pests.

excellent duets

Protects carrots from pests onion. He identifies allicin, which repels insects. Carrots also gets along well with beans, turnips, lettuce, peas, tomatoes.

Not only fresh salads, but also in the garden well blended tomatoes and basil. They grow on the same soil, require similar irrigation mode. Basil also emits a scent that repels caterpillars.

Between the rows of potatoes are planted annually garlic, eggplant, onions, radishes. Picked up from the soil useful for potato substance sunflowers, melons, tomatoes. Therefore, they are planted in different parts of suburban area.

The perfect trio

In one area can live together:

1. Peas. It saturates the soil with nitrogen.

2. Corn. It is a support for the peas.

3. Pumpkin. It protects the rest of weeds.

Also, next to each other can be planted eggplant, bell peppers and green beans. The first two belong to the same vegetable family and require similar growing conditions. Beans eggplant protect from invasion of Colorado beetles.

The successful combination

It is better to grow and bear fruit planted at one site carrots, onion sets, parsley and radishes. I planted them on marginal lands. In this part they can even survive the adverse weather conditions.

At first I was doing 5 furrows. At a distance of 40 cm from each other are planted onions. Between them I sow radishes. After making furrows between additional rows. In them I drop radishes and carrots.

Initially pulled radish salad. After comes the turn of the bow. On the site is still parsley and carrots. By the end of last season, giving large tubers.

On a note! I do not recommend planting in one area carrots and dill. They do not get along.

It is also noticed that the asparagus grows well next to tomatoes and basil, celery about cabbage and onions, corn gives a good harvest near pumpkins and cucumbers.

When planning where vegetables will grow in the new year, I always take into account what plants previously grown on this plot. Peas grow well after potatoes, cabbage and onions.

Not please a big harvest zucchini that were planted after the pumpkin. A bow can not be planted after garlic.

I recommend to keep to yourself in a notebook good neighborhood vegetables. This may increase the amount of your crop.

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