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The most popular stimulants rooting for houseplants. Types and methods of use

In the practice of growing indoor plants, I increasingly began to use stimulants rooting, but their use is mandatory in compliance with instructions.

Now I want to share observations on the use of such drugs as the industrial production and people's money on houseplants.

Stimulants roots of indoor plants, artificial production

1. Kornevin- this drug is the best stimulator of the growth of the roots of indoor plants. With it, I even deduced from the "dream state" bulbs.

The best effect gives this medication if sprinkled with a powder of the drug and then omit cuttings in aqueous solution. Work with kornevinom need to wear gloves and follow all precautions.

Preparation of the aqueous solution of this preparation includes: 1 teaspoon kornevina powder and 1 liter of clean water.

2. Zircon, Is also an active stimulator of root formation in plants. Thanks to him, the plant is easier to tolerate stress.

This biostimulant is considered an environmentally friendly preparation, it does not pollute the environment. Dilution of the drug is used only soft water.

When creating the solution it assumed that 1 liter of water was added 4 drops of the preparation.

3. corneritself comprises β-indoleacetic acid, which is derived from fungi. Preparations necessarily need to be applied in accordance with the dosages.

This solution was used to irrigate the soil, and also for soaking cuttings potted ornamental crops. Cuttings during the day should be soaked in this solution before planting.

Since this drug is hard to dissolve in water. First you must add 50 ml of alcohol to dissolve one vial, and then the solution was poured into water in accordance with the instruction.

If alcohol is not available, you can add a little warm water. It must be remembered that this drug belongs to the 3rd class of danger and, therefore, when you use it you must comply with all the safety equipment.

All the above products are acceptable in cost, certainly better to acquire them in stores where sold goods for the garden or through online stores.

Folk medicines to stimulate the root system of indoor plants

The most common stimulants root growth of indoor plants is a willow water, yeast, honey, potatoes and aloe juice.

In my practice, I often use, willow waterAs well as exactly how it can compete even with powerful drugs artificial production. As part of the willow branches has a large number of plant hormones.

For preparing such freshly cut branches receive water in an amount of 100 pieces, put them into a bucket of water as soon as the branch take root, remove them, and use this water for soaking grafts.

If I need a rapid growth of the roots of a particular plant species, in this case, I take ordinary yeast.

To prepare the solution needed for 100 g yeast need 1 liter of warm water. This solution necessarily must be observed ratio.

Soak the cuttings need to exactly one day and immediately planted them either in a pot or omit clean water.

If the plant is necessary to develop the root system, then this use honeyThat dissolve in warm water. 3.5 liters of water, we need 1 tablespoon honey.

The following liquid mix well until complete dissolution honey. In this solution cuttings are placed for a period of 12 hours.

In recommending the above drugs and substances, I want to say, in order to achieve enhanced growth root system should strictly observe the recommendations for cuttings of ornamental plants use.

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