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Dry fasting 36 hours: a huge benefit

Among the various ways to lose weight the most unique can be called anhydrous starvation. And though he has a lot of their fans, the employees of the medical sphere the benefits and harms of dry fasting raises many questions. However, the beneficial properties of the method are to study them in detail.

Features 36-hour dry fasting

Dry or absolute fasting, is a procedure in which there is complete abstinence from any food or liquid. Lack of nutrients and water create extreme conditions for the body, so that he It begins to intensify internal reserves and to draw useful compounds from the tissues and fat deposits. This contributes to its efficient unloading and purification of harmful toxins, thereby improving the general health and body weight decrease.

Terms such anhydrous diets vary widely from 1 day up to 3 or even 5 days. However, prolonged dry fasting of 48 hours and more are threatening not only health, but also life. The optimal time is the same procedure for 36 hours in length, but it can be practiced only by persons already tested on itself hunger with taking water.

Many proponents of alternative treatments say favor the dry 36-hour fast, not only for weight loss, but also in the treatment of a number of different diseases. However, the majority of the medical community does not approve of this method due to the fact that it It may result in serious damage to health and life, if you do not follow the strict rules of her order holding.

The useful dry fasting

Nevertheless dry starvation does not lose its popularity in connection with a list of useful properties. As mentioned above, finding themselves in a hungry stress, the body begins to look for alternative ways energy, first extracting the nutrients and water from the least important to the life of fabrics and authorities. This leads to detoxification of harmful compounds and mobilization of all body systems, including - immunity. Absence of food, and hence the potential of culture medium dramatically slows the proliferation of harmful microorganisms and viruses, which due to accelerated tissue regeneration process and disappear foci of inflammation.

Dry fasting helps to get rid of various edema, which are formed by the accumulation of fluid in the damaged tissues. Intermittent water shortage causes various nature that swelling resorbed as the organism it uses any available fluid for maintenance of life.

But this use of dry fasting does not end for health. Along with antibacterial action, a method has more and rejuvenating properties, which favor primarily women appreciate. Lack of nutrient outside damaging not only the harmful bacteria, but also for patients and damaged cells. During the fight for resources the body destroys old cells to healthy continued to function, and therefore there is a general rejuvenation of tissue.

In addition, the beneficial properties of dry fasting and have a cosmetic effect. Since anhydrous diet destroys the source of inflammation, it copes with boils, pimples and stimulations, improving skin condition, which is becoming more smooth and soft, and wherein the contour of the face It tightened.

Dry fasting has proven benefit for men. Its properties are well established in such ailments as prostatitis and prostate adenoma. The cause of these diseases lies in the stagnant juice prostate and short depriving the organism access to water decreases the amount of inventory of these liquids. As a result - a significant reduction in inflammation and pain.

What diseases heals dry fasting

Proponents of dry fasting celebrate its healing properties in the fight against many diseases, such as:

  • urticaria, psoriasis, eczema;
  • bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, pneumonia and other diseases that have an inflammatory character;
  • arthritis, rheumatism, low back pain;
  • obesity;
  • neurosis, insomnia;
  • ovarian cysts, benign tumors.

Dry fasting and normalizes blood sugar levels and reduces the performance of harmful cholesterol, preventing the formation of plaques in blood vessels, which is why it can be useful for hypertensive patients. In addition, there is a theory about the potential benefits of waterless diet at various oncology.

Important! Dry fasting can be used only as an auxiliary method of treatment with the approval of the treating physician. To avoid serious damage to health in no case should not replace it by a qualified health care!

Does dry fasting to lose weight

Dry fasting has proven benefits for weight loss. The lack of nutrients and water from the outside causes the body with triple activity cleave accumulated fats that fall into glycogen and water in the process. The destruction of fat tissue rapidly allows to notice significant visual changes on the end of the procedure. With the right approach, you can lose up to 5 kg in 36 hours water-free diet.

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But do not chase after the lust of result to his own detriment. One-day dry fasting, which is best suited to beginners and can bring substantial benefit and simultaneously save from 1.5 to 2 kg.

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